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February 02, 2010
117 Energy Industry Executives at EUEC 2010 Finds Clear Divisions in Response to Greenhouse Gas Legislation and an Alarming Lack of Urgency to Implement Carbon Management Systems

PHOENIX, AZ, EUEC 2010 CONFERENCE—Enviance, Inc., a global provider of software solutions to help organizations manage and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other regulatory risks, reports today from EUEC 2010— a premier industry energy conference— the results of an on-the-ground survey of the show’s executives and influencers.

The Enviance survey of 117 energy industry professionals attending EUEC found these following points:

1. SEC Reporting: In regards to the new guidance to be promulgated by the SEC for disclosure of climate changed-related risk (as detailed in President Obama’s State of the Union Address), 44 percent of respondents voiced support for the guidance and related carbon reporting while 56 percent disagreed that such reporting was necessary. Only 14 total respondents were unaware of the ruling.

2. Systems in Place: 61 percent of companies surveyed responded that they have no current system in place to record carbon emissions.

3. Carbon Price/Tax: When asked about the impact of the setting a price on carbon via either cap and trade or tax, 46 percent of respondents commented that their company will need to dramatically reduce their GHG emissions in response to such an event. 39 percent said that establishing a price for carbon will have no affect on their company, a direct correlation to the number of respondents that have a carbon management system already in place.

4. Prioritizing GHG: Half of survey respondents indicated that their company’s primary driver for GHG management to date had been a desire to implement corporate social responsibility and green best practices. Only 34 percent indicated that Federal Legislation has been the driving factor for prioritizing GHG.
“The survey results revealed that a surprisingly small number of companies have a system in place to measure and manage greenhouse gases,” said Lawrence Goldenhersh, president and CEO of Enviance. “With the likelihood of new guidance from the SEC on carbon reporting, and with the increased regulatory pressure coming from EPA’s GHG reporting rule, we expect to see a dramatic increase in the number of companies seeking to implement auditable GHG measurement and reporting capabilities. Today’s regulatory pressure makes the implementation of a carbon tracking and management system the first logical step in approaching carbon emissions as a financial issue directly affecting competitiveness.”

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