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One + One = One: Centralizing Environmental Vision
This white paper highlights how one company, Vi-Jon, implemented the Enviance System to combine and focus its environmental needs company-wide.

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Hit the Road: How Mobile Apps Are Changing the Way Compliance Is Done
With the introduction of mobile applications (“apps”) that work with powerful compliance management systems, business process-oriented functions, such as compliance audits and inspections, can now take place live in the field.

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Environmental Fancy Footwork: How to Implement an EH&S System
This white paper examines how one of the largest seafood processing companies in the U.S. quickly and successfully implemented an EH&S system in a uniquely complex environment using best practices for system implementation amidst change.

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Stop the Sleuthing: Designing An Incident Management System That Works
Designing an incident management system that meets not only regulatory requirements, but a company’s current and future business needs, calls for strategic thinking and planning throughout multiple layers of the organization. This white paper examines what steps businesses should take to ensure a strategic incident management system design for their organization.

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Integration Station: How One Company Got More From Their Implementation
This white paper highlights how one organization integrated their environmental compliance system with other existing systems to realize greater value.

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Environmental, Health & Safety Planning: How to Ensure Your Institutional Knowledge Doesn’t Disappear Into Retirement
As experienced EH&S professionals approach retirement, companies need to make succession planning a business priority and develop robust strategies to ensure the survival of their organizational memory. This white paper presents the case for succession planning and provides ideas for how companies can best approach this pervasive issue.

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Getting It Right: What to Consider When Evaluating, Choosing and Deploying EMIS Software
Selecting a software package means evaluating it against complex regulations, your company’s reputation and valuation, and financial risks. What should you consider when developing the scope of a software project implementation? Which internal groups should you involve? How do you integrate with existing internal systems?

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Preventing Garbage In, Garbage Out: Streamlining Your System
This white paper provides specific recommendations for organizations to fully vet their Enviance builds to ensure the best possible data necessary to achieve compliance.

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Tracking Assets: How to Create a More Efficient Equipment Tracking System
Read our new white paper and learn more about how a company designed and implemented a cradle-to-grave system to better manage electrical equipment in its central maintenance yard. From receiving new equipment to updating, moving, consolidating or shipping existing equipment, the organization is now able to ensure data compliance with regulatory time frames.

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Drips, Drops and Spills: Utilizing Workflows for Spill Management
This white paper highlights how a company can overcome spill management reporting obstacles by developing a highly efficient workflow process.

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The Guru’s Guide: Implementing & Sustaining An Environmental ERP System
Most global businesses must address thousands – if not tens of thousands – of environmental regulatory compliance obligations in order to operate. To effectively comply with all these requirements, many companies have chosen to implement the Enviance Environmental Enterprise Resource Planning (Enviance EERP) System across their organizations. This white paper explores best practices for implementing the Enviance EERP System.

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Transforming Mindset From Compliance to Business Value
Sales buster. Progress impeder. Barrier creator. Expensive. Are these words and sentiments used to describe environmental programs in your organization? If so, you’re not alone. But when companies can look past the “burden” of compliance to identify unique opportunities to increase business value and expand their audience, environmental programs and performance become a more promising opportunity.

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Keeping What’s Yours: Environmental Data Preservation in Enviance
Lost, unused or misused information is costly to recreate, and institutional knowledge can rarely be retained for future value within the business without an intentional data preservation process. But in the case of environmental data, the stakes can often be considerably higher. This white paper describes the value of preserving foundational environmental data in a single enterprise-wide software system.

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More Bang, Less Bucks: Why One-Stop Environmental Systems Make Better Business Sense
As the regulatory and environmental landscapes become more prominent and complex, companies have typically deployed various solutions. This white paper explores the business benefits and value of using one environmental enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to meet all of an organization’s environmental management needs – and more.

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The Cloudburst: Hitting New Heights with Cloud-Based Environmental Software
Cloud computing seems to be the latest buzzword in technology. This white paper explores the advantages of environmental management in the cloud and what additional value can be achieved using a cloud-based system for environmental data.

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Risk Management in the Envirofinance Era: Tectonic Responsibility Shift for Environmental Professionals
This paper will address the risks, discuss the skill sets that will be required to help manage them, and then briefly describe software that is commercially available to assist with this new set of expanded responsibilities.

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The Big Picture: A Method to Compare Facilities' Environmental Performance
This white paper explores an Enviance System component that’s often overlooked: using environmental compliance and sustainability data, such as emissions and water, in a summary mode to produce “smart scores” and compare facilities’ environmental performance.

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The Value of Public Perception:Transforming Environmental Efforts From Compliance Driven to Risk Management
This white paper highlights the need for the role of environmental management to transform from simply meeting compliance requirements to pervasive risk management. By examining how environmental efforts create risks for businesses – and how executives can calculate those risks to make informed business decisions based on that information – this white paper helps companies better understand how to manage their risks through environmental impact.

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Verified! Meeting the Increased Demands of Customer-Driven Reporting
This white paper highlights the importance of verifiable data as the infrastructure of sustainability, as well as its use in effectively implementing environmental impact and cost reduction initiatives.

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Environmental ERP: Reaching Your Peak in the Cloud
Just as ERP software systems emerged from evolving business needs, so has today’s rapidly changing climate of resource scarcity and tightening environmental regulations worldwide created the need for solutions to manage environmental data and performance as part of the broader business. Like it or not, a company’s impact on the environmental has become critical to core business operations and financial outcome.

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Organizational Change Management: Getting All Parties to “Go” for System Adoption
Enviance and Malcolm Pirnie, Inc., an environmental consulting firm, have partnered to provide this white paper, which highlights how companies can successfully incorporate Organizational Change Management into their system adoption practices.

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Institutionalize Your Environmental Memory: Environmental ERP and Business Continuity
How do companies retain the institutional knowledge of their environmental performance and data amid high employee turnover? And what happens if a company’s business continuity planning doesn’t account for environmental factors and mandatory reporting? This white paper explores the role of environmental ERP in business continuity, and describes what companies can do to transition their environmental function from people-centric to knowledge-centric.

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Dashboards: Easy Business Intelligence
Effective dashboards can redefine business intelligence from a data mining exercise that seeks to uncover information not widely known in the organization to a solution that offers insights and explanations to key business data. Furthermore, dashboards should then allow users to take action on key findings for improved performance.

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Environmental ERP: The Natural Progression of ERP
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is considered a mission-critical business system necessary to manage all the information and functions of a company, providing seamless integration of the information flowing through an organization. In essence, most companies would fail without a cohesive ERP system to understand the core elements of their business. But in today’s landscape of climate change, scarce resources and tighter environmental regulations worldwide, a company’s impact on the environment has become critical to core business operations and financial outcome.

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Cloud Computing Advantage: Peak Performance in Environmental ERP
This white paper explores the differences between cloud computing and traditional client/server software, as well as how software in the “cloud” helps EHS professionals best manage their environmental data.

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