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Business Driven Corporate and Product Footprints (scope 3 assessments)

The days when companies performed corporate footprints, product footprints, carbon footprints, water footprints, scope 3 assessments etc. with no business value are gone! Developed with the world’s leading companies, Enviance’s Environmental Business Intelligence (BI) System is a breakthrough approach to effectively quantify and reduce environmental, health and safety (EHS) impacts, costs, and risks for companies, their supply chains, and their customers. It combines best available environmental life cycle assessment (LCA), corporate and product footprinting techniques with a proven understanding of environmental compliance, costs, and risks from a financial perspective. The System allows you to focus on what matters, implement reductions in a targeted manner with high ROI initiatives, and align environmental projects to business goals across sales, marketing, engineering, and finance.

Enviance breaks financial and environmental silos to provide:

•  EHS & sustainability impact footprints: these are often referred to as corporate footprints, carbon footprints, water footprints, scope 3 assessments etc. Enviance leverages the latest hybrid life cycle assessment and monetization techniques to help organization quantify their cradle to grave impacts and identify hotspots, both in physical and financial terms (the latter is also referred to as Environmental Profit and Loss or EPL).
•  EHS & sustainability costs and risks: Enviance’s approach translates the above corporate and product footprints, whether for carbon, water, waste or any of the 2,000+ EHS flows tracked into financial materiality assessments, helping companies understand how cradle to grave impacts affect an organization’s bottom line.
•  Sales support to meet customer requirements for cost and impact information: Enviance leverages a blend of lifecycle assessment and financial valuation approaches to help organizations understand how their product environmental impacts affect their customers’ total cost of ownership, de facto turning product footprints and scope 3 assessments into a competitive tool.
•  Ratings and rankings: Enviance leverages its rapid corporate and product footprinting techniques to help customers boost ratings and rankings. Moreover, rating agencies appreciate the financial angle of Enviance’s Business Intelligence analytics as it connects EHS assessments to core business goals such as supporting sales, reducing costs and reducing risks, further boosting ratings.

Through these analyses on environmental impacts, costs, and risks, Enviance enables you to:

Perform corporate and product footprints - cradle to grave

Quantify how EHS impacts affect a company’s bottom line in financial terms

Improve the competitiveness of your products by lowering your customers’ total cost of ownership

Lead in industry rankings and ratings

Increase market valuation by leveraging environmental stewardship as an asset
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