Q&A with Enviance's Customer Success Team: Personalizing EHS Software


The EHS industry is full of unique problems. Environmental operations can involve managing complex processes and administering programs for hundreds or even thousands of distributed locations in numerous regulatory jurisdictions. Health and safety programs are challenged with identifying, measuring and preventing workplace hazards that can profoundly affect the lives of employees.

It’s one thing to use EHS software to tackle these challenges, but to be truly effective, your solution needs to be a part of a larger program with the support of a dedicated team of people. This is especially true if your organization has unique challenges related to its scale, geography, regulatory load, or operational complexity.

"If someone goes to a company with a unique problem, and gets a generic response, that doesn’t make sense," explains Ben Archibald, Enviance’s Vice President of Customer Success. "The best response to a unique problem is a personalized response."

Recently, members of the Enviance Customer Success team sat down to share their perspectives on why taking the time to make things personal is key to creating value for our customers:

What’s the significance of the “Customer Success” title, rather than “Customer Service”?

"I think the title ‘Customer Success’ makes a difference for the customer, because it defines more of who we are and the type of personalized support and service we provide. It’s an overarching way of looking at the work we do to help each client be successful with our software. We’re focused on continually expanding the value our software is providing for each company, in addition to wearing the project management and troubleshooting hats."

- Patricia Flores, Customer Success Team Lead

Why is personalization such a big deal?

"We have to be personalized because every organization is different. ‘Tailored solutions for unique problems’ is the theme with every kind of solution you can buy from us, because even common issues have unique challenges.

 "For instance, when someone buys our greenhouse gas solution, it means they have a heavy demand on calculating greenhouse gas emissions from a complicated landscape of systems and assets. If you aren’t able to tailor the solution for your operations, you wouldn’t be able to solve this kind of problem.

"This personalized response gets delivered both through the capabilities of our products and through the relationships we have through the Customer Success (CS) team. In order to deliver that unique solution, we either have to learn a lot or know a lot. So we either get a client paired with CS managers who know something about their business, or we rapidly learn about their challenges so we can tailor our solution to suit their unique problems. We don’t deliver cookie-cutter solutions because our customers don’t have a cookie-cutter problems."

- Ben Archibald, Vice President of Customer Success

How does Enviance personalize their approach?

"We’ve put together a team strategy in terms of how we operate as a CS organization. What we’ve done is taken a combination of account management, services, and support, and combined them into teams that have specific accounts which they are responsible for supporting.  Every client gets assigned a CS manager with a team that is focused on the client’s ongoing success.  

"At a higher level, we’ve also established an easy to access ‘front line’ of support, so customers have many channels they can leverage to get support  - whether that be directly through their assigned CS manager, our 866 number, our CS email address, or through our Customer Community. We have put in place a framework/platform that will allow us to continue to grow as a company, and as a team."

- Mark Woodward, Director of Customer Success

How has Enviance's collaborative team approach benefitted customers?

"Our collaborative team approach makes a difference every day, especially during implementation when we’re on-boarding the client. Because our team members possess different backgounds and skillsets, we’re able to leverage our collective experiences to help our customers identify specific requirements and spot potential challenges in order to configure the software solution that is going to meet their process, and ultimately their goals."

- Patricia Flores, Customer Success Manager

"Even just being able to have a client call us directly, and keeping in touch with them on a regular basis, makes it easier to handle any issue, big or small. We get to know the client, and the client gets to know us."

- Leah Merzi, Customer Success Team Lead

Have recent acquisitions affected the approach to customer success at all?

"Obviously, any time a third party buys a company and then continues on with acquiring other companies, there’s going to be some uncertainty, but we’ve worked very hard to openly communicate with our customers that these are positive changes - not just for us as a company, but for them as well. The financial backing that Battery Ventures brings to the table contributes to our stability and allows us to bring valuable products and solutions to the market for our clients quicker than if we were to be individual entities.

"In terms of the day-to-day, there have been some changes for our customers, partially because we’ve established a different process from a Customer Success perspective. There are also some differences between the product lines in terms of the level of support or services that are necessary for customers to be successful with our solutions. While there has been some changes, the feedback that we’ve heard from customers has been very positive."

- Mark Woodward, Director of Customer Success

"Previously, in legacy Enviance, we had a ‘Customer Service Team,’ and clients could reach out to them if they were running into issues. Many accounts didn’t have a single account manager that they could talk with and see how things were going day-to-day, or that could help them understand the health of their account and programs.

"Having the ability to provide focused and personalized attention, has drastically increased the quality of our customers’ experience and the value customers get from our solutions. It’s helped to be able to take the time to help each customer to better use their Enviance solutions. We now have a system in place where we can easily address issues, and identify when a customer isn’t taking advantage of the most up-to-date features that are available to them. It helps us build relationships, break down barriers and work as partners to achieve success."

- Kate Candillo, Customer Success Operations Manager

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