Auger systems make workplace injury prevention necessary

Augur systems are powerful and useful tools in modern industry, but they can also be dangerous threats to workplace safety when used improperly. A job hazard analysis can be a great aide in preventing problems, cutting down workplace accidents and preserving the good health of a company's most important assets: its employees.

Community Power Corp, a company in suburban Colorado that takes biomass and turns it into a form of renewable energy, learned a dangerous lesson in workplace safety recently when an employee was working with an augur system. Completely unexpectedly, the augur began operating, leaving the employee's leg was caught in the augur system - an incredibly dangerous situation. Federal safety agents inspected the scene in the wake of the accident, and found the company negligent, charging them $67,000 for the accident.

It's a powerful reminder: all workplaces need to do everything they can to prevent accidents. Job hazard analysis can be a powerful tool in working towards a safer, happier workplace. And when your employees are safe, productivity can skyrocket, making job hazard analysis a smart and worthwhile investment for any company.

Topics: Job Hazard Analysis, Health and Safety Program Management