Enviance Recognizes Zero Emissions Day

Today is Zero Emissions Day or ZeDay — a day heralded as a “Global 24-hour Moratorium on Fossil Fuel
Combustion.” The goals of the holiday are to recognize our use of carbon burning power sources, and for people to “reboot,” by shutting down everything non-essential that’s powered by carbon emitting sources for a day.

For everyday people, this can be as simple as biking to work instead of driving, or reading a book instead of watching TV.

For large entities, including those Enviance works with today to track, manage and report carbon emissions, this would prove to be much trickier, and practically impossible. These organizations simply
have too many moving parts and essential operations for this to be a reality. However, with more entities moving toward energy efficiency measures and integrating greater amounts of renewable energy
sources, we see a not so distant future where organizations can reach a net zero energy footprint.

Furthermore, at Enviance we understand that reducing your carbon footprint, whether as an individual or a Fortune 500 company, depends first and foremost on understanding and evaluating the emissions you
are making. A complete view of your environmental activity is the basic foundation to reducing your carbon footprint.

For now, we think initiating activity on an individual level is a good start to reduce our impact on the planet. So, what are you doing to recognize ZeDay?