How to define work zones at an office workstation

When office employees set up their desks, they should consider how they arrange various items and supplies. Effectively managing these products might prove beneficial, as staff members can maintain workplace productivity.

Recognizing work zones can help office personnel maintain efficiency. These staff members should design their workstations so that frequently used products remain close, while other items can be placed further away.

Consider the the following work zone categories when arranging a workstation:

1. Primary - This work zone should include any items a worker uses regularly, including writing instruments and other essentials. Employees who keep these supplies close minimize the time it takes to reach them.

2. Secondary - Items that are located within an arm's length remain easily accessible to staff members. However, these products might be used less often, so should remain further away from workers.

3. Reference - Consider this work zone for supplies that are rarely used. This section might include binders, printer accessories and other office items workers might need periodically.

Teaching staff members about work zones can help them maintain employee productivity every day. 

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