How to instill a culture of safety in a workplace

A culture of safety is ideal in an office because workers who can identify on-the-job dangers will understand how to effectively protect themselves from these hazards. However, instilling a culture of safety is challenging for office supervisors, and it takes a long-term approach to ensure the occupational health and safety of staff members.

Consider the following tips to instill a culture of safety in a work environment.

1. Conduct research - Managers should examine workplace safety factors that could negatively impact the performance of workers. After supervisors identify trouble areas, these leaders can brainstorm solutions.

2. Ask employees for guidance - Staff members can provide information about issues that limit their workplace productivity. Use a survey or host one-on-one meetings with personnel to learn more about the problems employees face every day.

3. Be flexible - A culture of safety takes time to develop, so be patient. Complete evaluations to see if workplace safety methods and techniques are effective, and make changes if necessary. Continue to reach out to employees for feedback, as this could help speed up the process of creating a safe, healthy work environment. 

Topics: Health and Safety Program Management