Remedy Interactive Launches Enterprise Calendar Integration For Cartevía


As a first of its kind in enterprise safety management, this feature ensures ergonomists spend their time preventing injuries, rather than performing time-consuming administrative tasks

Sausalito, CA and Nashville, TN – March 27, 2012 – Remedy Interactive, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software solutions that help organizations prevent workplace injuries, today announced that enterprise calendar integration has been added as a new feature in Cartevía. A first of its kind feature, this new capability is being rolled out in the Cartevía module for office ergonomics evaluations. The announcement was made at the Applied Ergonomics Conference. The feature integrates Cartevía with Microsoft Exchange’s enterprise calendaring system and streamlines the scheduling of ergonomics evaluations. Remedy Interactive is currently rolling out the feature for a leader in the oil and gas industry and will make it widely available in the coming months.

Enterprise calendar integration not only automates the scheduling of an initial evaluation, but it also automates the handling of situations where employees or evaluators encounter scheduling conflicts. Items deleted from employee and evaluator calendars are automatically routed back into the scheduling components so that a new time can be found. This automation and error handling keeps safety teams focused on employee safety, and not on program administration.

“What makes this new feature so valuable is that it delivers convenience and efficiency,” said Ben Archibald, product team leader for Remedy Interactive. “Typically we find that 20% of evaluations usually have to be rescheduled. This challenge threatens service delivery, the quality of the program and the attention and care for the people that need it. With Cartevía scheduling, these challenges are managed much more efficiently than trying to use Outlook’s appointment assistant or other in-house systems.”

“Microsoft Exchange is the most prominently used enterprise calendaring system on the planet and by integrating Cartevía with this popular software we are harnessing something that employees are already familiar with. We have made it easy to use and easy to schedule the evaluations that keep employees injury and discomfort free,” continued Kim Weiss, CEO of Remedy Interactive.

Cartevía’s Ergonomic Program Suite of modules delivers a centralized and consistent method for implementing and managing an entire ergonomics program. For more information on Cartevía, log on to

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Remedy Interactive, headquartered in Sausalito, California, delivers the most comprehensive suite of software solutions to help large organizations prevent workplace injuries and reduce workers’ compensation costs. Now available in 14 languages worldwide, Remedy Interactive’s OES is the only solution to produce quantifiable cost savings for global companies. Customers include Hewlett-Packard, Chevron, Northrop Grumman, Health Net, and VISA.

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