The top performance metrics for a workplace safety manager

Offices may have workplace safety managers who might be responsible for developing injury prevention plans. While these officials likely have plenty of daily tasks to complete, employers may choose to evaluate them periodically to examine on-the-job safety.

Consider using the following performance metrics to effectively review workplace safety supervisors.

1. What has he or she done well? - Take a look at improvements managers have made. For example, a drop in employee absenteeism is commendable, so be sure to recognize supervisors who arrive at significant milestones in improving workplace safety.

"Focusing only on lagging indicators is like driving a car while looking only in the rearview mirror," said Jeff Ruebesam, vice president of corporate health, safety and environment for Fluor Corp., told EHS Today. "Make leading indicators a key component [of safety metrics]."

2. What are his or her short- and long-term safety goals? - Examining how safety managers wish to approach future injury prevention initiatives is critical to an effective evaluation. Supervisors who recognize that workplace safety is an ongoing process may be able to take steps to further protect staff members from on-the-job hazards, and could prove to be excellent leaders. 

Topics: Health and Safety Program Management