Earth Day 2012: A Look Back, And Thoughts on What is to Come

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Today, 175 countries around the world join Enviance in celebrating the 42nd annual Earth Day, a holiday that has helped garner support for pieces of environmental legislation like the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act.

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Earth Day

Recap of Earth Day events around the world

Earth Day


A Billion Acts of Green – that’s the theme for Earth Day 2011, and the goal this year is to do just that – register one billion environmentally-geared actions around the world to show how people from all different geographies and cultures can come together for a similar cause.


We hope you agree that Enviance’s act of green – uniting industry pundits and thought leaders to blog about their environmental passions every hour on the hour – was a success. Let’s look at some of the other actions people have taken to show their dedication to the environment:

In our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., The National Zoo hosted a zoo “cleanup party,” collecting litter, aluminum cans, candy wrappers and other trash to be recycled and disposed.

In the hustle and bustle of New York City, outdoor fairs dotted all around the city are hosting kids’ environmental activities, green businesses and environmental organizations to spread the word on how they’re helping green mother earth.

Here in our hometown, San Diego, we got started early with EarthFair 2011, “the world's largest free annual environmental fair and Earth Day Celebration,” on April 17, which featured eco exhibitors, a special kids’ activity area, entertainment, the Children’s Earth Parade, the eARTh Gallery art show, and the Cleaner Car Concourse.

Now that Earth Day has gone global, let’s take a look at acts of green around the world:

Our neighbors to the north in Vancouver, B.C. hosted a Earth Day Parade today, where locals come dressed in costumes on bikes and skates, all culminating in a festival featuring live music, a green student art competition, crafty activities, and special guest speakers.

In Beijing, China, INBAR is hosting a bamboo planting event to raise awareness of the vital connection between forests and people.

In Malaga, Spain, activists who love the water gather to "Dive for Earth Day" as a part of the Project AWARE Foundation, which involves underwater cleanups and marine debris prevention, environmental training for divers and education programs for kids and more.

The possibilities are endless for giving back to the world. What was YOUR act of green today?

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