4 Essential strategies for implementing an incident management system

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For organizations subject to environmental regulatory compliance, incident management can become a complex business process, with specific recording and reporting requirements and with significant risks involved.  Designing an incident management system that meets not only regulatory requirements, but
 also a company’s current and future business needs, calls for strategic thinking and planning throughout multiple layers of the organization.

Iron foundries require incident management systems

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With their brutally high temperatures, iron foundries can be very dangerous places to work. Proper incident management systems can help to keep workers safe and prevent accidents before they occur. Because once they take place, the damage may be irreversible.

Concrete work needs incident management systems

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Concrete companies work with dangerous materials, and dried concrete blocks that need to be chipped clean can weigh incredible amounts. Thorough incident management processes need to be in place, otherwise employees may face serious harm or worse.

Incident management can make grain bins safer

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Federal safety officials have worked over the past few years to lessen grain bin silo explosions, offering education to many companies. The data is troubling: In the last 35 years, 180 people have died and 675 have been injured. Still, the blasts continue, seemingly unabated.

Quick action needed after activity hazard analysis

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An incident management system can help to spot potential safety hazards at a company, and with quick effort a workplace can work to fix its issues and prevent future problems. But without proper action a business leaves itself at huge risk. Jeff Olsson was a worker at a pipe manufacturer and as one part of his job conducted risk assessment there, where he spotted many problems on the machines he worked with, and, despite warning his employer, the issues remained, according to an article in the Canberra Times.

Remedy Interactive Software Transforms Incident Management

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New Incident Management Software Reaches Beyond Compliance to Help Safety Managers Achieve Prevention

Sausalito, CA (ASSE SAFETY 2013 EXPOSITION) – June 19, 2013 – Remedy Interactive, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise health and safety software solutions, announced today its release of innovative new software for safety professionals to better manage incidents in organizations. While most existing incident management software systems focus on the documentation of recordable incidents to achieve compliance, Remedy Interactive’s Incident Management Software enables compliance and fosters a culture of safety by providing intuitive tools for supervisors, employees, outside experts and other investigators to drive prevention. This solution is the second module in the company’s Safety Management Software suite. This innovative incident management solution is also the first designed from the ground up for tablets, laptops and desktop devices ensuring the ability to bring the solution to any work site. Visit: www.remedyinteractive.com/products/incident-management-software/

5 Ways to Improve Incident Management with Technology

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For many organizations, the performance of incident management focuses on compliance with federal and state OSHA reporting and recordkeeping requirements.