SF Business Times Names Remedy Interactive ‘2015 Best Places to Work’

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San Francisco, CA – April 21, 2015 – Remedy Interactive, Inc. a leading provider of health and safety software solutions, today announced that it was named among the “Best Places to Work in the Bay Area” for 2015 by the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal. This year marks the fifth time that Remedy Interactive has been named in the top 25 best places to work for its category.

How Technology Drives Compliance with Voluntary Mandates

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Compliance drives much of health and safety. Generally speaking, when we talk about compliance, we are referring to regulatory controls put forth by governments. In practice, however, compliance is much more complex – obligations arise from customers via supply-chain requirements, from voluntary programs sponsored by government organizations, from industry, or from management. The fact that these programs are often called “voluntary” suggests that compliance with them might be easy, or that they are less valuable in terms of driving safety excellence. For the safety team responsible for implementing the programs, this couldn't be further from the truth.

New JHA Software Features Facilitate OHSAS 18001 Certification

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San Francisco, CA – January 22nd , 2015

The Correlation between Safety & Productivity: Oil & Gas Perspective

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While we have written on how safety and productivity are inter-related, we have not really examined it in some specific industries. Let’s take the Oil & Gas industry. Injuries and other incidents used to be relatively more common in Oil & Gas over other production and manufacturing industries, just based on their hazardous environments. From heavy rotating pumps, to large scale use of industrial chemicals, to remote locations; certain factors have always made that industry a challenge from a safety perspective. But programs over the last several decades have brought modern safety programs to the industry.

RSIGuard 5.0 Enables Employee Safety Management in Alternative Spaces

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Remedy Interactive, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise safety and ergonomics software solutions, announces the immediate availability of version 5.0 of RSIGuard®, the world’s most powerful desktop ergonomics software. This release includes the introduction of ErgoCoach®, which focuses on improving the health and productivity for those who work in increasingly varied work environments – from hotdesks to sit-stand desks to kitchen tables – by offering a unique combination of proprietary analytics and best practices to deliver personalized coaching on healthy behaviors. RSIGuard 5.0 includes:

Cement dangers can be nullified with a proper job hazard analysis

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Certain types of cement can harden within minutes, and if workers are not properly educated about the surrounding environment, they can become trapped in solid material.

Remedy Interactive Software Transforms Incident Management

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New Incident Management Software Reaches Beyond Compliance to Help Safety Managers Achieve Prevention

Sausalito, CA (ASSE SAFETY 2013 EXPOSITION) – June 19, 2013 – Remedy Interactive, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise health and safety software solutions, announced today its release of innovative new software for safety professionals to better manage incidents in organizations. While most existing incident management software systems focus on the documentation of recordable incidents to achieve compliance, Remedy Interactive’s Incident Management Software enables compliance and fosters a culture of safety by providing intuitive tools for supervisors, employees, outside experts and other investigators to drive prevention. This solution is the second module in the company’s Safety Management Software suite. This innovative incident management solution is also the first designed from the ground up for tablets, laptops and desktop devices ensuring the ability to bring the solution to any work site. Visit: www.remedyinteractive.com/products/incident-management-software/