How to Manage Ergonomics Champions at the Grassroots Level

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Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has employed a successful grassroots ergonomics program for both industrial and office employees since 2006. PG&E's program consists of "internal consultants," non-safety employees selected to be responsible for ergonomics within their department in addition to their regular jobs. These employees are trained to implement all ergonomics efforts across their work groups. These efforts vary by department (allowing for the "grassroots" feel), but include responsibilities such as conducting in-person evaluations and job task analyses.

Quick action needed after activity hazard analysis

Incident Management, Injury Prevention

An incident management system can help to spot potential safety hazards at a company, and with quick effort a workplace can work to fix its issues and prevent future problems. But without proper action a business leaves itself at huge risk. Jeff Olsson was a worker at a pipe manufacturer and as one part of his job conducted risk assessment there, where he spotted many problems on the machines he worked with, and, despite warning his employer, the issues remained, according to an article in the Canberra Times.

Pop-up saws are a danger to workplace safety

Injury Prevention, Job Hazard Analysis

Working with power tools, one ought to be very attuned to workplace injury prevention, and pop-up saws are a particular threat to employee health. At any moment a slight slip up or innocent mistake could suddenly threaten employees with a sharp and spinning blade.

Experienced inspectors a vital cog in the workplace safety machine

Injury Prevention

While the mantra of any employer is to keep workers free from harm, there is always the potential for a guiding hand from experienced safety officials, especially when considering injury prevention of hazard avoidance.

Mass-cooking environments can be stabilized with a job hazard analysis

Injury Prevention

Food companies who flash-cook massive quantities of ingredients use dangerous machinery and equipment, and if a proper job hazard analysis is not completed, workers could face serious injury or even death.

A job hazard analysis can prevent fatalities in the construction world

Injury Prevention

Any construction site is fraught with potential hazards. Even mundane tasks like laying tile can carry an extreme risk if workers are not comfortable with everything that is going on around them.

Overcoming I2P2 Challenges with Technology

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This article delves into how the Federal Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2) will impact safety professionals and organizations, and discusses how technology can help to overcome some of the greatest challenges of managing a comprehensive injury and illness prevention program, while adding value to your organization’s bottom line.

Tips for safely using cleaning supplies in an office

Injury Prevention

An office manager can include information about how to properly use cleaning supplies in employee injury prevention tutorials. Workers who understand how to safely handle these items will be able to clean up spills that might otherwise cause slips and falls.

Protect your top talent with workplace safety training

Injury Prevention

In the United States, employment has been a hot topic of late, but the job market looks to have taken a positive turn in September 2012. The national unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent last month. This decline marks the first time the rate has been below 8 percent in nearly four years.

How are workplace safety shortcuts harmful for employers?

Injury Prevention

Companies develop workplace safety strategies for various reasons, but some employees could be tempted to take shortcuts when it comes to following on-the-job procedures. Explain how staff members could harm themselves and others if they avoid proper employee injury prevention procedures.