What Health & Safety Professionals In Manufacturing Can Learn from the Solar Industry

Job Hazard Analysis, Health & Safety Outlook

The photovoltaic industry – also known as PV or solar – is based on a sustainable energy generation model, with the intention of defraying any negative impact of energy generation and consumption on the world’s climate. Based on this foundation, PV manufacturers have a special affinity for the consideration and mitigation of environmental issues. However, as with any key business element of manufacturing, PV manufacturers also face a plethora of employee health and safety challenges, and, as do many industries, often merge the functions into a single EHS function. While health and safety efforts do not always address the same hazards as those addressed by the environmental function, the identification of each set of hazards can often be performed through the same assessment procedures – enabling a more efficient and valuable process. By providing a structured framework that enables not only health & safety assessments, but also environmental assessments, the efficiency and scope of the job hazard analysis (JHA) process can be significantly increased.

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Job Hazard Analysis

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Job hazard analysis (JHA) is a critical component of compliance within SH&E. However, with organizations spread across multiple locations, and regulations that vary by geography, SH&E managers often face the common challenge of ensuring that JHAs are conducted with a standardized and consistent process across the entire organization.

Workplace safety at risk around 18 wheelers

Workplace Productivity, Job Hazard Analysis

Everyone sees 18-wheelers are a menacing figure on the road, looming over tiny sedans and threatening to overturn at any moment. But even when they're parked and off the road, companies can not afford to be fooled - they can be a huge danger to workplace safety.

Culture of safety in danger at explosives manufacturer

Safety Management, Job Hazard Analysis

You would think that a manufacturer of commercial explosives would be extra careful about their culture of safety.

Could job hazard analysis have prevented cement wall fall?

Job Hazard Analysis

Cement structures are a staple of America, and structures which are in part cement are some of the most iconic in our country, symbols of strength like the Hoover Dam. But built improperly, these can become terrible dangers to workplace safety and everyone around them.

Turbine fall a reminder of necessity of safety in the workplace

Job Hazard Analysis

Long falls are always a threat to workplace safety. After one company learned that the hard way in Hanover, Mass., a federal safety agency swooped in and found several violations.

Auger systems make workplace injury prevention necessary

Job Hazard Analysis, Health and Safety Program Management

Augur systems are powerful and useful tools in modern industry, but they can also be dangerous threats to workplace safety when used improperly. A job hazard analysis can be a great aide in preventing problems, cutting down workplace accidents and preserving the good health of a company's most important assets: its employees.

Pop-up saws are a danger to workplace safety

Injury Prevention, Job Hazard Analysis

Working with power tools, one ought to be very attuned to workplace injury prevention, and pop-up saws are a particular threat to employee health. At any moment a slight slip up or innocent mistake could suddenly threaten employees with a sharp and spinning blade.

Workplace safety ignored in death of grain silo worker

Safety Management, Job Hazard Analysis

Grain silos are important tools in Nebraska's agricultural world, but workplace safety is always at stake when they are used incorrectly.

Masonry problems become a thing of the past with a job hazard analysis

Job Hazard Analysis

The masonry industry carries all sorts of inherent dangers, but luckily most of these hazards can be eliminated with a workplace safety assessment.