How to Manage Ergonomics Champions at the Grassroots Level

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Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has employed a successful grassroots ergonomics program for both industrial and office employees since 2006. PG&E's program consists of "internal consultants," non-safety employees selected to be responsible for ergonomics within their department in addition to their regular jobs. These employees are trained to implement all ergonomics efforts across their work groups. These efforts vary by department (allowing for the "grassroots" feel), but include responsibilities such as conducting in-person evaluations and job task analyses.

Workplace safety training can prevent injuries

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When work requires employees to remain seated for long periods of time, laboratory ergonomics is important for injury prevention. There are regular movements that, when repeated incorrectly, can harm the hand, wrist and elbow. Doctors and therapists recommend maintaining proper movement throughout the day, and employers should consider implementing workplace injury prevention programs to mitigate concerns.

Three factors office managers should consider about workplace ergonomics

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Workplace ergonomics is important for employees to stay safe and productive. With good ergonomics, staff members will be able to complete daily tasks while avoiding injuries.

Measurable Efforts: Five Ways Technology Can Improve Your Ergonomics Program

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Learn five ways to use technology to redesign your ergonomics processes and initiatives to achieve more efficient, effective, measurable results.

The importance of equipment adjustability in offices

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Flexibility is important in many workplaces, especially offices. Many staff members will spend a large portion of their days at desks or workstations, and will likely need to adjust equipment to ensure that they can complete tasks comfortably for extended periods of time.

Can Office Ergonomics Help Managers Fix Employee Performance Issues?

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Workers might be less likely to maintain efficiency in uncomfortable environments, and managers who notice lapses in workplace productivity may want to consider the value of workplace ergonomics.

Consider how superior office furniture can improve workplace productivity

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As a business owner, it should be a priority to maintain a healthy and efficient workforce. Otherwise, rising absenteeism could prevent projects from reaching completion on deadline, or at all. Therefore, discovering ways to improve workplace safety through laboratory ergonomics is essential in today's workplace.

Collaboration may lead workers to make improvements in office ergonomics

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Team-building retreats and workshops have become a trendy choice for many office supervisors to teach employees about the importance of collaboration. When staff members work together toward a common goal, their workplace productivity may reach new heights. Collaboration could lead to profit and revenue increases for a business.

The Top Three Ways to Stay Comfortable During Daily Office Activities

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A typical day in an office might seem dull to some workers, but they may fail to realize just how much workplace ergonomics affects their productivity. Employees who take the time to evaluate office ergonomics have an excellent opportunity to stay comfortable and productive.

Injury prevention programs educate professionals who work online

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The internet is an increasingly profitable marketplace for businesses across all industry sectors, so finding ways for websites to generate higher profit margins is essential today. There are millions of consumers online every day, and nearly 82 percent of them interact with brands using mobile applications, according to a March 2012 comScore report. Therefore, companies may want to employ workers to help target these on-the-go consumers, but in order for these brands to find success, they need to ensure safety in the workplace.