The Correlation between Safety & Productivity: Oil & Gas Perspective

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While we have written on how safety and productivity are inter-related, we have not really examined it in some specific industries. Let’s take the Oil & Gas industry. Injuries and other incidents used to be relatively more common in Oil & Gas over other production and manufacturing industries, just based on their hazardous environments. From heavy rotating pumps, to large scale use of industrial chemicals, to remote locations; certain factors have always made that industry a challenge from a safety perspective. But programs over the last several decades have brought modern safety programs to the industry.

Wrap-up for the Roadmap to a Best-in-Class Safety Strategy Webinar

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Kevin Prouty, Senior Vice President, Research , Aberdeen Group

On October 16, 2014, Aberdeen Group hosted a webinar that was sponsored by Remedy Interactive. The topic was how to build a roadmap for your safety management strategy. The speakers were myself, Ken Colonna, Director of Safety & Health of a leading international family entertainment and media enterprise, and Ben Archibald, CTO of Remedy Interactive. It was a great discussion and, while there were some broad discussions about safety culture and how companies can build a Best-in-Class culture, the discussion ended up focusing on analytics in a Safety Management System (SMS).

Why Oil & Gas Companies Need to Combine Safety and Operational Excellence

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The Oil & Gas industry is booming. With recent advances in technology, supplies of new sources of energy (shale gas, oil from shale, tight sands and the deepwater, natural-gas liquids, etc.) are being discovered everywhere, particularly in the US. Oil & Gas companies are scrambling to construct additional derricks, platforms, and rigs to take advantage of these new resources, while at the same time squeezing as much productivity out of existing assets as possible. However, as companies push to expand their operations and capacity they run the risk of overlooking their most important charge, the safety of their workforce.

Webinar: 3 Key Steps To a Best-In-Class Safety Strategy

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The Roadmap to a Best-in-Class Safety Strategy

Culture of safety in danger at explosives manufacturer

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You would think that a manufacturer of commercial explosives would be extra careful about their culture of safety.

Workplace safety ignored in death of grain silo worker

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Grain silos are important tools in Nebraska's agricultural world, but workplace safety is always at stake when they are used incorrectly.

Machine education can prevent amputations and other dangers

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Many industrial machines are full of dangerous moving parts, and if workers are not properly educated on how to handle these tools, their fingers, toes, arms and legs might be severed by sharp objects.

Metal storage tanks pose a serious danger in the workplace

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In an industrial workplace, some pieces of equipment weigh thousands of pounds, and if these items are not secured properly, they could fall on workers and cause serious injury or death.

Remedy Interactive Software Transforms Incident Management

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New Incident Management Software Reaches Beyond Compliance to Help Safety Managers Achieve Prevention

Sausalito, CA (ASSE SAFETY 2013 EXPOSITION) – June 19, 2013 – Remedy Interactive, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise health and safety software solutions, announced today its release of innovative new software for safety professionals to better manage incidents in organizations. While most existing incident management software systems focus on the documentation of recordable incidents to achieve compliance, Remedy Interactive’s Incident Management Software enables compliance and fosters a culture of safety by providing intuitive tools for supervisors, employees, outside experts and other investigators to drive prevention. This solution is the second module in the company’s Safety Management Software suite. This innovative incident management solution is also the first designed from the ground up for tablets, laptops and desktop devices ensuring the ability to bring the solution to any work site. Visit:

Remedy Interactive Launches Enterprise Calendar Integration For Cartevía

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