The Results are in from our Annual EUEC Survey!

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Now that EUEC 2013 has wrapped, we wanted to share with you some revealing feedback from the show
floor.  We surveyed the environmental professionals at the show about how regulation and sustainability issues are affecting their companies and organizations – and wound up with some surprising results.

The Ultimate Guide: Air Emissions Management E-book

Environmental, Greenhouse Gas (GHG), EPA, Utility Industry, EHS Software


Download E-book!

Within the ever-changing world of
environmental compliance, air emissions management has become a top priority
for many organizations. It can be a daunting task to keep track of the latest
revisions and nuances, and with constantly evolving standards and regulations,
compliance has become a moving target.

To help with this issue, we have curated top educational
resources - white papers and webinars - to put together the ultimate air emissions management guide -
everything Environmental Health and Safety professionals need to know to successfully manage their organization’s air
emissions compliance. 

Each chapter in this e-book will give you access to valuable information to manage: 

• Mandatory and voluntary air emissions regulations 
• Common air emissions mandatory regulations (Title V, NSPS, MACT,
• GHG emissions management regulations 
• Oil & Gas Industry Subpart W regulation 

The e-book also contains useful case studies with real-world examples from
Enviance customers who have achieved environmental compliance excellence,
including AEP, Fort Carson, Koch Fertilizer and Valero - to name a few.

Download your own copy here.

Meeting Digital Demands – Transitioning to Electronic Environmental Reporting

Environmental, Greenhouse Gas (GHG), EPA, EERP, Energy Efficiency, Utility Industry, Corporate Sustainability, EHS Software

For most companies, legacy systems for reporting on environmental impact can be cumbersome, slow, and error-ridden. Moving to an electronic reporting system can mitigate these issues, but that transition is a significant and daunting task, and with requirements and reporting systems differing drastically on a state by state basis, it can be difficult to glean best practices and standards.

The results are in! Find out what Enviance’s third annual EUEC survey revealed

Environmental, Greenhouse Gas (GHG), Policy & Law, Water Management, Energy Efficiency, Utility Industry, Corporate Sustainability

It was great to see those of you who were able to make it out to the EUEC conference in Phoenix this week. As you may have noticed, we conducted an environmental survey addressing controversial topics ranging from readiness to report carbon emissions to reactions about cap and trade regulation.

PG&E reduces reporting efforts by 80% with Enviance

Greenhouse Gas (GHG), Utility Industry

If you live on the West Coast, chances are you’re one of 15 million people that rely on PG&E for their gas and electric needs. You have gas in your home thanks to a portion of the 6,214 miles of steel pipelines PG&E maintains, and electricity is delivered from one of their three power plants which churn out 6,800 megawatts (MW) of power.

It's Back to School Week at Enviance! Our 3 hottest Educational Resources!

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