Workplace safety at risk around 18 wheelers

Workplace Productivity, Job Hazard Analysis

Everyone sees 18-wheelers are a menacing figure on the road, looming over tiny sedans and threatening to overturn at any moment. But even when they're parked and off the road, companies can not afford to be fooled - they can be a huge danger to workplace safety.

Fall dangers must be removed from construction environments

Workplace Productivity, Job Hazard Analysis

Fall dangers are among the top risks that construction professionals face, and a proper job hazard analysis can eliminate many of these problems from a building environment.

Trenching hazards can be eliminated with a workplace hazard analysis

Workplace Productivity, Job Hazard Analysis

Excavation can be a risky business, and a proper work hazard analysis is not completed by a company, its workers could be exposed to trenching dangers and other problems.

Hotels need to follow proper workplace safety guidelines

Workplace Productivity, Job Hazard Analysis

Although guests spend multiple nights in bedrooms and lavish suites, hotels can actually be some of the most dangerous places to work in. Contamination risks are always a large part of the environment, along with electrocution hazards, elevator shaft fall dangers and fire threats.

Grain silos can be hazardous work environments

Workplace Productivity, Job Hazard Analysis

While grain silos are not known for their high potential for injury or accident, these workplaces can be just as lethal as their varying industry counterparts. A job hazard analysis is necessary to eliminate all potential dangers from a silo environment.

Hazardous machinery emissions can be limited with a job hazard analysis

Workplace Productivity, Job Hazard Analysis

A proper job hazard analysis can help limit the risk of accidents in the workplace, especially when it comes to dangerous machinery that can produce noxious fumes and toxic emissions.

Burning dangers are a serious problem for many companies

Workplace Productivity, Job Hazard Analysis

Flammable gases and ignitable materials can be a deadly risk for workers, but with a hazard analysis, supervisors can reduce the chances of employee injury or death.

Federal Agency Wants Workplace Safety Procedures for Temporary Staff

Workplace Productivity, Health and Safety Compliance

Having a temporary or contract worker on site may just be a short-term solution for some companies, but a federal agency is stepping up its efforts to ensure that workplace safety procedures are outlined to every employee, regardless of who pays their salary.

Three tips for developing a workplace postures safety checklist

Workplace Productivity

Managers may evaluate workplace safety in several ways, and develop various tools to effectively safeguard their staff members from on-the-job dangers. A workplace postures checklist is a great tool for offices, showing employees how to properly sit at a desk or workstation.

The importance of understanding how employees perform their jobs

Workplace Productivity

Informed managers are typically the most diligent, handling their daily tasks effectively. However, these supervisors should recognize how staff members manage their assignments, and doing so successfully could have a positive impact on workplace productivity.