Workplace safety assessment can help in the aviation industry

Airports are full of potential work hazards, including everything from flammable jet fuel to loose gate couplings. Supervisors and employees must be given proper workplace safety education and training to lower the risk of serious injury or death. reported that the Philadelphia International Airport is currently under investigation by a federal agency due to numerous working condition complaints. The allegations include a lack of training to help disabled passengers, possible exposure to bodily fluids and an inundation of malfunctioning equipment.

"I want proper training, proper equipment, and I want to be treated like a professional," said Nikisha Watson, a wheelchair attendant who issued one of the complaints.

As Watson stated, proper training is an absolute requirement for any airport employee, and a workplace safety assessment is the perfect way to identify any potential problem areas. Employees who are familiar with safe practices and working conditions will be much more productive, and supervisors can rest easy knowing that their team members are not exposed to any dangerous risks.

A job hazard analysis is the first step in organizing a workplace safety education program. There is no room for error in the aviation industry, so adopt this unique strategy today to enjoy a risk-free work environment.

Topics: Health and Safety Program Management