TECO Energy Expands Value of Enviance System Throughout Organization

Enviance’s Value-Added CORE Analysis Program Enables Energy Company to Effectively Meet Current and Future Environmental Needs

Enviance is very IT-friendly, and data from the System easily integrates with CEMS. In addition, the Enviance System data can be used for internal reports, enabling the company to start viewing GHG as a strategic initiative and preparing for future GHG requirements. Enviance enables TECO to compare apples to apples, ensuring that everyone is singing off the same song sheet.

Engineer, Air Programs - TECO ENERGY

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, TECO Energy is an S&P 500 energy company. The integrated energy-related holding company operates core businesses in the utility sector, which are complemented by a family of unregulated businesses. Tampa Electric Company is the principal subsidiary of TECO Energy with both electric and gas divisions, and other subsidiaries are engaged in coal and independent power. The company is committed to environmental stewardship that continues to deliver value well into the future. TECO Energy initially needed a software solution providing Title V compliance calendar capabilities and quickly expanded into needing a robust solution to manage all of their environmental programs.

During the assessment process, the company realized its complex environmental obligations would require a sophisticated system. But while it needed a comprehensive solution, TECO Energy did not want the additional IT responsibilities and burden that accompany traditional software applications. The company decided on Enviance Environmental Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which enables companies like TECO Energy to measure, manage and report, as well as transact environmental assets, such as carbon allowances.

In addition, the System leverages cloud computing technology to deliver its Environmental ERP platform online in real-time – anytime, anywhere enterprise wide. As a cloud-based system, Enviance manages all updates on an ongoing basis without using any of TECO’s IT resources.

The energy company began by using the compliance calendar for notifications in the Enviance System. But with no data in the System and new GHG requirements looming, TECO knew it was not fully leveraging the power of the application. TECO Energy participated in Enviance’s Compliance Optimization, Review and Evaluation (CORE) program, which is a personalized system designed to help Enviance clients maximize their use of the System. As a result, TECO Energy is now using Enviance to manage all of its GHG needs, building out the System for the entire company and subsidiaries. Environmental data is captured, measured and reported for programs such as The Climate Registry and the EPA’s GHG Mandatory Reporting Rule (MRR). In addition, TECO was able to develop a five-year strategic environmental plan through the CORE process.

“Enviance watches our back to make sure TECO is effectively mitigating risk. Every update delivered through the System makes the user experience better – you can tell the company really listens to its customers,” said Ward.

Getting data information and daily uploads from CEMS enables the Enviance solution to serve as a one-stop shop for TECO Energy managers to not only grab data and report on it, but to manage risk, stay in compliance and avoid enforcement action.

Enviance Benefits

  • easy integration with existing IT systems
  • cloud computing - delivers updates in real-time


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