Chemical Approval Software

Chemical Approval Software

Chemical Approval Software

Get to Know Enviance Gatekeeper

Enviance Gatekeeper is a comprehensive chemical approval software that’s specifically designed to screen, authorize, and purchase new and existing materials.

While accessing all of the content in SDS Vault’s relational database, Enviance Gatekeeper is able to pinpoint product information down to the ingredient level which makes it easy to identify regulatory risks and avoid costly recalls.

As the foundation for developing and implementing Six Sigma initiatives for EHS, Enviance Gatekeeper significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of process workflows while breaking down “data silos” that exist in multi-unit operations.

Used by more than 200 companies in 35 countries around the world, Gatekeeper’s users have credited our software with helping them shortening new material request and approval times while reducing redundant tasks and improving workplace safety.

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Chemical Approval Software

For the Enterprise

  • Material approval process is automated, controlled, and transparent – to those with correct permissions
  • Eliminates duplicate, unnecessary purchases
  • Encourages accurate, timely assessments from all stakeholders in an auditable format
  • Invokes auto-verification of international, regional, local and pending regulatory compliance
  • Specific health, safety and storage requirements available at-a-glance
  • Reduced corporate costs associated with delays, recalls
  • Corporate and product sustainability goals can be addressed in the material procurement phase
  • Minimized solution investment for quick, measurable ROI
  • Reduced risk and liability associated with chemical inventory or non-compliant materials
  • SDS data, GHS, extended-SDS and worker safety data can be linked with the new material request and approval
  • Communicate across departments during new-material approval process
  • Analyze requested materials and proposed combinations against regulation data, and, ideally, against substance-level ingredient data
  • Share knowledge internally about hazardous, banned or incompatible materials to prevent use in toxic combinations, insufficient storage, or unforeseen waste


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