Chemical ManageMent Software

Get to Know Actio's Chemical Management Software.

Actio's Chemcial Management Software is designed to help protect workers from hazardous substances while providing companies with the tools to authorize, track and manage materials down to the moleculare level.

Key components of Actio's Chemcial Managment Software include:

  • SDS Vault: Acto's industry leading safety data sheet (SDS) management system that enables  to outsource their GHS SDS management to comply with international, federal, state and local regulations.
  • Gatekeeper: Actio's process workflow software which helps companies manage the process of requesting, authoring and purchasing chemcials based on predefined roles and regulatory requirements.
  • Regulator: Actio's real-time inventory management module that enables companies to track raw materials and finished goods from on-site arrival to waste reporting. Additional functionality includes Hazcom labeling, bar coding, emissions reporting and regulatory reporting.