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October 19, 2016

How Enviance EHS Software Can Work With Your Legacy Systems


In many cases, companies adopt Enviance's multi-tenant SaaS soutions to take the place of legacy EHS systems for environmental compliance, regulatory reporting, and other capabilities. However, many legacy systems are difficult to replace, and require a little massaging in order to sync the old legacy system with the new EHS platform.


So the big question is, how can companies reconcile the old with the new?


In our white paper, “Integration Station: How One Company Got More From Their Enviance Implementation," we outline how one petroleum storage and distribution company was able to use Enviance solutions to complement and enhance employee training, through-put monitoring, and other processes.


Prior to implementing Enviance, the company employed a System Integrity Plan (SIP) – an expansive program encompassing a wide range of environmental, health, safety, and security processes. Because systems for tracking functions like online learning, action items, and corrective actions, had no way of interfacing with each other, the company could not easily verify compliance with the thousands of requirements in SIP.


The company worked with Enviance to create a design document that laid out a plan to integrate historical data and certain legacy systems they wished to retain into a new SaaS solution that could more effectively monitor SIP compliance.


The collaboration resulted in improvements such as:


  • Automatic tracking of employee movements within the organization
  • Improved interface with the company’s online training host to automatically update employee task lists when a training is completed
  • Successful capture of throughput figures on a tank-by-tank basis and tracking throughput by product type on truck racks
  • The capability to run an Overdue Project Management Task report that identifies the number of overdue PM tasks on a quarterly basis


If you'd like to learn more about this process, we encourage you to download the white paper.



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