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March 10, 2020

Enhanced RSIGuard UI, UX Empowers Users to Create Healthy Work Environment

The featured blog image of a woman stretching with the text of the headline to the side.Have you seen the changes to RSIGuardthe award-winning desktop ergonomic software solution that helps manage and prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI) for office workersRSIGuard version 6’s new UI and UX brings users better experience to help achieve a healthier, more productive work environment. While the new RSIGuard includes the same features as the previous version, users will find these UI and UX updates make it easier to access the features they love and perhaps even discover some RSIGuard features they didn’t know existed. 


The About menu for RSIGuard showing the features the software offers.


Updated Setup Wizard 

One major improvement is to RSIGuard’s Setup Wizard, which is where you can personalize and learn about RSIGuardA new modern look and clearer options make it easier to configure the software for your specific needs and help you better understand what RSIGuard has to offer.  


In this version of the Setup Wizard, we added a progress bar that clearly shows you how much time is left to customize and configure your settings. The Setup Wizard also concisely explains each feature during this process to give users a deeper understanding how they can create a more productive, healthy work environment 


For instance, in previous versions, some users didn’t know how to best leverage the ErgoCoach feature, which provides equipment optimization tools. By showing users how to customize their sit-stand tools, multiple monitor tools, and notebook computer tools, they can better reduce risk and boost productivity. 


A screenshot of the ErgoCoach feature of RSIGuard in the new Setup Wizard.


Easily Adjust Customized Ergonomic Settings 

Once users complete initial setup, they may decide to further adjust their settings as they begin to use RSIGuard on a daily basis and find what works best for them. In the previous RSIGuard version, some settings were buried a bit deep -- so finding them could be tricky. 


However, we designed the new RSIGuard to make it easier to discover its many features. All settings are now logically organized and easy to find. 


Start Your Free RSIGuard Trial 

With RSIGuardthe new UI and UX make it easier than ever to lean on the software’s intuitive behavior-based safety tools while adjusting the settings to fit your daily work needs. To see these changes for yourself and reduce your risk for RSIsdownload your free RSIGuard trial today.  




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