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July 15, 2019

How to Lower Your EHS Compliance Costs With AI


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If there’s one head-turning, hot disruptor phrase these days, artificial intelligence is it. In just about every industry you can imagine – from automotive to health care, utilities, and retail – AI is changing how even the biggest players run their business. The EHS sector is no exception, especially when it comes to cutting EHS compliance costs. 


With the technological advancements of AI in recent years, you can now easily extract detailed recordkeeping, monitoring, testing, and reporting requirements locked in paper EHS permits and regulations. Taking weeks or months of manual effort to manually translate complex EHS documents is in the past, allowing you to quickly communicate the most important metrics to your senior management team for accurate reporting and better performance tracking. 


In fact, using AI can help you lower the costs of building and managing your environmental compliance management system by as much as 80 percent, according to data from ehsAI, a company that uses machine learning to transform complex environmental documents into succinct digital requirements. 

Learn to Leverage AI for Reduced EHS Compliance Costs

Given the potential of AI to transform how companies can reduce costs and improve compliance visibility, we recently teamed up with ehsAI to help companies quickly capture complex regulatory permit information through AI. Traditionally, collecting permit requirements has always been an expensive and labor-intensive process as environmental engineers had to manually extract requirements before system configuration. The ehsAI platform, however, uses its patent-pending algorithm to imitate how an EHS professional thinks to quickly and accurately interpret and extract that data.


And then when you pair it with the Enviance Management System, a cloud-based software program that simplifies compliance? Centralizing permit requirements becomes even faster, more affordable, and requires fewer resources to document and automate compliance obligation tracking.


With this new partnership in place, we’re hosting a joint webinar on how you can cut compliance costs with AI. In this webinar, you’ll learn:


  • How you can reduce the burden of compliance by easily capturing complex regulatory permit information.
  • How to quickly track activities back to their regulatory drivers and get real-time visibility into potential problems.
  • How to view company-wide trends using analytics and dashboards.

You’ll also hear from Red Cedar Gathering about how it uses AI to lower the cost and improve the accuracy of its compliance assurance program. Red Cedar Gathering gathers, treats, and compresses natural gas from more than 1,200 wells across 895 miles of gathering pipeline. To ensure the company meets air quality requirements from state, federal, and tribal regulations at its 26 facilities, Red Cedar Gathering has relied on Enviance Management System and ehsAI together to manage EHS regulations and permits. Ethan Hinkley, air quality compliance manager, will also share how other EHS companies can find similar success.


Ready to take control of your compliance management costs? Join us for our upcoming webinar, “Lowering the Cost of EHS Compliance with Artificial Intelligence and Software” Wednesday, July 24, at 12 p.m. Eastern time. Register for free today at https://www.enviance.com/ehssoftwareandartificialintelligence


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