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December 09, 2018

Is the Digital Transformation hurting you?

Digital TransformationAs an EHS information management professional a large portion of my workday includes using my computer. A normal day includes typing notes as I am talking with customers, writing proposal documents, instant messaging, preparing presentations, day-long presentations of software, and endless hours keyboarding and clicking my mouse. I like the rest of you reading this story are experiencing the health impacts of the Digital Transformation.

Over a decade ago I started having severe neck pain. The problem was I only had pain when I was trying to sleep. I tried sleeping on the floor, changing my pillow, or anything I could to stop the pain. Because I am lucky enough to work with safety professionals, a customer of mine asked me about how I used my computer monitor. The good news here was I quickly figured out that adjusting my monitors eliminated an extremely painful problem for me. From that day forward, I understood the importance of Office Ergonomics and how being a computer user put people at risk for injuries that were hard to connect to the root cause.


Increasingly I have seen colleagues and business associates wear those black ergonomic wrist guards. Most of them having a wrist, hand, and arm pain that was severe enough for them to need medical care. Many of those people were heavy computer users. The time spent keyboarding, the number of key presses, gripping and clicking a mouse all quietly and without your knowledge create risk, pain or worse yet repetitive strain injuries.


Enviance and RSIGuard to the rescue. When I started working at Enviance, RSIGuard was on my computer, I saw the cool little screen below on my desktop every day.




What I found so interesting is I became far more aware of my mouse, eye level, seat position, and computer usage. Quietly and unobtrusively it measures my usage. As you can see above it provides real-time feedback that I have been working on the mouse for a long time. As you can see it looks like I need to take a break now from all my mousing. The system popped open a Break Time alert that reminded me to take a break from my keyboard and mouse.


Break Time


It brought me to a video that asked me to perform a short exercise break at my desk chair. It is like having an ergonomics coach with you to make sure you do not get injured from sitting all day. It also provides me quick access to personal computer usage metrics so I can see how many hours I am using the computer per day, breaks, keyboard and mouse usage risk. One click and I can access analytics that provide a quick desktop summary of my situation.


RSI Dashboard


It also has a broader set of features when used with the rest of the Enviance Ergonomics Cloud. They include assessment, training, case management and many others.


As the Digital Transformation continues, our desk-based working habits increase our risk of wrist, back, neck, and joint pain. Excessive computer use often leads to pain, lower productivity, unhappy employees, or worse yet cumulative trauma claims costs .


Using RSIGuard is a simple, affordable way to improve your occupational safety program. It helps make sure your employees get up, move and speak up if they experience discomfort. It provides ongoing daily feedback about their computer usage and teaches your employees about their body position, posture, equipment, tools used, and their working environment. It puts them in control so they can prevent repetitive strain injuries. If they do experience discomfort they can quickly electronically communicate issues to their health, wellness or safety team for further investigation and prevention activities.


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