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August 27, 2015

Keep Moving: 5 Tips to Help Employees Stay Healthy At Work

Keep Moving: 5 Tips to Help Employees Stay Healthy At Work

Keeping our bodies moving throughout the day has a variety of health benefits. Without movement, our muscles can tense up, blood flow can become limited, and our digestive organs can function ineffectively. Of course, incorporating enough movement can be hard, especially for those of us working eight-hour days, sitting at a desk.


We know that sitting all day have negative effects on our bodies, but what can we do to limit these effects? The following five strategies can help you increase movement throughout your day:


1. Take the long way.


Whether you’re walking to a colleague’s desk, grabbing a cup of water, or strolling to the bathroom, don’t take the direct route. Taking the “long” way to get there probably only takes a couple more seconds. Chances are this short amount of time won’t affect your productivity, but it can give you an opportunity to get your muscles moving and your blood pumping.


2. Keep your glass half full.


It’s important to stay hydrated! While drinking water has numerous positive effects on the body, you can also add increased movement to that list. By filling your water cup (or whatever you may be drinking) only half way, you can force yourself to get up from your desk more often to fill it.


3. Hold walking meetings.


Invite your co-workers for a walk outside or around the office next time you have a casual meeting. This can help you to integrate more movement throughout your workday – plus, the change of scenery, and the act of walking itself, can also stimulate creativity!


4. Stretch!


Put a sticky note on the side of your computer monitor, set a phone alarm, or use a software program with pop-up reminders, like RSIGuard, to remind yourself to stretch at various points throughout the day.


5. Make exercise a priority.


Research has shown that even walking 20 minutes a day, a couple times a week, can help ease low back pain. You don’t need to go to the gym. Try to squeeze this in before you get ready for work, at lunch, or even after dinner – whatever fits best with your lifestyle.


Movement is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, and it’s important to get your body moving. If you’re looking for a way to break up your sedentary day and get moving, take the RSIGuard 45 Day Challenge!


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