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March 19, 2019

3 Must-See Sessions for Applied Ergonomics Conference 2019


AEC 2019 BlogThe 22nd annual Applied Ergonomics Conference will be held from March 25th to 28th at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, LA. The conference offers excellent opportunities to learn from professionals in ergonomics, healthcare, safety, human resources and risk management.


The event covers Advancements in Ergonomics, Ergonomics in Action, Ergonomics Programs, Office Ergonomics Programs and Applications, Ergonomics in Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE), Multi-skilled Ergonomics Practitioners, and Master Track Roundtable Discussions.


If you are attending, please stop by our booth number 224. Enviance continues to make significant improvements to both RSIGuard, our desktop application that reduces the impact of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) for office workers and the integrated Cloud Office Ergonomics Solution (OES) that uses a risk-based approach to manage Ergonomics Self-Assessments, Training, Self-Reporting Discomfort, Case Management, Assessment Scheduling, and Enterprise-Wide Analytics and Reporting.


As a global leader in Office Ergonomics our team has taken a close look at the agenda and made the following recommendations.


Can Ergonomics and Productivity be Impacted by Indoor Air Quality in Employees Working in Home Offices Full-time?


This session will be presented by Kamrie Sarnosky, Leslie Cizmas, and Dr. Mark Benden PhD, CPE, Director of the Ergonomics Center and Department Head EOH Department in the School of Public Health at Texas A&M University.


Dr. Benden is teaching and training the next generation of ergonomics leaders using analytics. He has several research projects underway that provide strong evidence of the value of Break Timers, stand up desks, and other subjects like this session on issues related to home office workers. If you are a user of RSIGuard and/or OES and have research ideas, please talk with him at the conference.


Roundtable Discussion - Building Office Ergonomics Programs


This session is being run by experts who have been building office ergonomics programs. These experts will share their assessment tools, processes and program options to help you bring your program to the next level. Tricia Griggs from Aflac and Gloria Paz from Chevron.


The Challenges in a Changing World of Sit/Stand Options: A Practitioner’s Point of View


In this session, Julia Abate and Patricia Holdaway from the SAS Institute Inc. will talk about specifications and criteria to consider with purchasing sit/stand equipment. Learning about Sit Stand Desks is important for office worker safety as they can be viewed as safeguards in the hierarchy of controls (elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls, and PPE).


Stop by our booth and meet Ron Goodman – If you use RSIGuard or OES and have never met Ron Goodman in person please stop by. Ron has dedicated his career to awareness and prevention of office worker injuries. He is the inventor of RSIGuard and will be excited to talk with you about the new release planned for later this spring.


View the 2019 conference schedule


The Applied Ergonomics Society, supports the Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo, a conference where attendees gather from around the world to share best practices with other professionals in ergonomics, healthcare, safety, human resources and risk management. AES is a society within IISE, an international, nonprofit association that provides leadership for the application, education, training, research, and development of industrial engineers, human factors/ergonomics professionals, healthcare providers and related professions.


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