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July 24, 2019

Tracking Hazard Communication Compliance With New SDS Vault Interface

hazard-communication-compliance-2Have you checked out the new SDS Vault changes? In case you missed the big news, we overhauled SDS Vault, our cloud-based safety data sheet management software that helps companies comply with a wide range of hazard communication standards and chemical inventory tracking requirements, to give it an updated user interface and new training features. With these changes, you’ll find the SDS Vault platform is simpler to operate with a more intuitive, customized user experience. 

New Changes to SDS Vault for Improved Hazard Communication Usability

When you log into the new SDS Vault interface, you’ll notice the platform now boasts a top bar menu that was designed to create a more organized workflow and smoother navigation for managing your hazard communication program. You’ll also find a more intuitive search function to help with that improved user experience. 


Along with these interface changes, we added features to simplify user onboarding, increase user adoption and productivity, and help users better understand SDS Vault. These features include targeted micro-training available on-demand, a tailored onboarding program, and key feature walk-throughs on the new enhancements.


And you don’t have to just take our word for it. Since working with the new SDS Vault user interface and training features, Amanda Vercellone, facilities coordinator for Canon U.S.A., said managing Canon’s hazard communication program has become easier and more efficient. The updated user interface now includes easily visible top tabs for SDS Vault’s different libraries, which makes navigating the platform quicker for Amanda.


With the improved search functionality, Amanda can also customize how she sorts data and easily search by chemical to find the corresponding location and revision history along with a concise summary in one convenient spot.


On the training side, the new features give such detailed information that Amanda has noticed she doesn’t have to field as many questions from other Canon employees. This used to slow down everyone from doing their jobs, but the training guides empower the Canon team to quickly find the information they need.  


“As the admin for SDS Vault, I’m responsible for helping our employees solve any issues or questions they have regarding the platform,” Amanda said. “The enhanced training tools allow our employees to easily search for any help they might need. They don’t have to wait for me to dig up an answer, and I don’t have to spend so much of my time tracking down information. It makes everyone more productive.” 


In fact, Amanda has seen such a productivity increase with the new SDS Vault interface that she has been using the platform more than ever. Whether running a report to look for certain chemicals in the workplace or sorting data among different locations, Amanda doesn’t have to rely on the manual processes of the past. All the information Amanda needs is right at her fingertips.  


“The new features make it easy to quickly jump onto the program and instantly get the information I need, and I’ve become a more engaged user,” Amanda said. “Anyone who’s still manually managing their hazard communication program would definitely work more efficiently and streamline their processes using the SDS Vault platform.” 

Prioritizing User Experience in Hazard Communication Software

So why these changes now? While consumer-level software is known to focus on the user experience, enterprise software doesn’t always have the best reputation for putting users first. By definition, enterprise software is designed to solve an entire organization’s needs as opposed to individual users. 


Because of this, we see so many enterprise software programs that seem to forget users are still the crux of software – whether for a consumer- or enterprise-level platform. But end user expectations are changing, and large enterprises want more from their software. In fact, 48 percent of enterprise software shoppers said user friendliness is one of the most important selection criteria when it comes to buying new software, according to research from the National Association for Environmental Management.


To help us understand how to enhance the user experience, we went directly to the source: our customers, of course. Not only did we analyze user data to see how they interacted with SDS Vault but we also directly surveyed our customers via Survey Monkey to identify areas for improvement. 


Specifically, we needed to update SDS Vault to give it a more cohesive look with an even bigger focus on usability. While usability has always been a priority for Enviance, we’ve focused so much on maintaining SDS Vault and adding helpful features that usability needed to catch up with those advancements.


Considering that our customers are tracking so many important hazard communications compliance metrics to keep employees and the public safe, we don’t want them bogged down with an overly complicated compliance platform. We knew we could serve our customers better with an improved, more seamless design for an enhanced user experience. 


Moving forward, you’ll continue to see this dedication to improving the user experience as we plan to update our interfaces across all Enviance platforms. Not only will a new interface give Enviance’s different EHS platforms a more cohesive look, the consistent interface will also make it easier for users to operate our different systems. 


If you’d like to see how SDS Vault can help you and your team better manage your hazard communication program like Amanda and her team at Canon, we’d love to show you firsthand. Request a demo today here




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