Management of Change


Management of Change

Management Change Without A Hitch

Make operational changes simpler, faster, and with real-time visibility into all the moving MOC pieces. Dealing with disorganized documentation? Manual—and disparate—processes? When you supervise the review, evaluation, and approval from responsible parties, document all evaluation activities, and guarantee relevant considerations and appropriate evaluations are addressed and completed, your plate is full. That’s where our software comes in.

Get the solution you need to minimize risk, stay on top of requirements, and manage your data.

Customize your workflow to fit your organization’s process.

Modify our software’s preset workflow process engine for your one-of-a-kind needs, or build your own from start to finish. Create new versions of the process flow to accommodate any organizational changes.

Equip yourself with notifications and automatic processes.

With email notifications, everybody involved in your MOC process can stay on the same page. Your review gains speed and simplicity with different processes triggered depending on the scenario, such as the type of change request—procedural, emergency, or even by location.

Customize forms with our simple-to-use form designer.

Our intuitive form designer lets you add new forms, fields, and form conditions anytime. The drag-and-drop format puts tedious form creation in your rearview mirror.

Key Benefits


Centralize Change Requests

Unify all your management and documentation in a collaborative environment. Log new requests, perform evaluations, process safety review, and more.


Stay Notified

Make sure everyone on the team knows when their role is needed.


Gain Visibility

View the current status of any change request and its actions. Our software opens the door to identifying potential hazards from a new change, as well as analyzing and controlling them. You can see an audit trail of change-related activities.


Interact with Efficient Forms

Explore your data on a welcoming interface. Based on the responses provided, your dynamic forms will only reveal relevant fields, which keeps your workflow streamlined.

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