When our system helps you follow regulations to a T, you can save time and increase accuracy. Divergent requirements between states, permits, and local municipalities can be a challenge. Our platform allows you to track and record regulations, speed up time-consuming reports, and optimize data entry. You’ll be on top of your game since noncompliant readings are noticed immediately—and you see these risks in advance.

Water Management Data Sheet

Aggregate Your Data

Integrate lab data directly from vendors, upload data via spreadsheets, copy and paste directly from spreadsheets, or enter data manually in the office. Take advantage of our mobile platform when you’re on a mobile device in the field.


Configure Your Calculations

Customize calculations for evaluating conditions, including detection limits from labs. You can apply configure any regulator-prescribed calculation methodology to ensure compliance.


Integrate Easily

Absorb operational data, like flow rates, that are critical to Discharge Monitoring Report production. Our support for DCS system integration makes the process hassle-free.


Utilize Direct Reporting

Use direct electronic reporting for DMRs. Our platform also offers DMR templates and reporting tools.

Observe trends and exceedances on configurable dashboards, and generate reports in myriad electronic formats.

Adhere to analytical methods.

Input the lab’s data quality information, such as a detection limit, to ensure the results are calculated properly.

Ready yourself for exceeded limits.

Was a limit exceeded? That shift in the data will instantly trigger a workflow or task to address the issue.

Automate your calculations.

Your calculations can pull from many sources—even a combination of operational data from internal DCS and analytical data from outside vendors.

The Unique Enviance Advantage

  • Simplify your data entry with automation.
  • Get support for direct electronic reporting.
  • Associate permit requirements directly with data.
  • Get online and offline support for field data collection on mobile devices.
  • Interact with spreadsheets with ease via desktop or mobile. Get your job done in labs, on the field, and in the office.


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