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Go beyond self-assessments. With behavior-based computer use measurement, smart break reminders, and support for your workforce around the globe, you can get a fuller picture of your employees’ situations. Our software proactively helps you reach more of your employees, which in turn helps reduce their stress. You can also easily implement work-time restrictions on employees that need proactive risk mitigation. Impact your employees’ RSI risk for good.

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Speak Everyone’s Language

Reach all your employees around the world with our software, which is localized in 8+ languages.


Reduce Mouse Clicks

Eliminate intense mouse-click activity with auto-clicks. Add hotkeys and keyboard remapping to reduce keyboard strain. Your employees can reduce mouse-click activity, how many keys are pressed, and place hard-to-press keys in easier locations.


Manage Remotely

Let safety administrators manage individual and group policies from afar. Your ergonomics program can rely on our software to enforce company work policies or work restrictions.


Monitor Computer Use

Gain insight with computer usage data—especially when self-assessments aren’t accurate. Your safety team can focus on the employees that truly need assistance.

Observe trends and exceedances on configurable dashboards, and generate reports that answer key questions.

Deploy with ease.

Our Office Ergonomic Software Administrative Dashboard allows easy deployment of actions and policies, straight to users’ desktops. Now administrators can enforce breaks, reminders, and other software options, all from one location.

Enforce with intelligence.

Our solution’s Interactive—and intelligently timed—breaks and pauses encourage proactive prevention. Your employees can relax at optimally spaced intervals.

The Unique Enviance Advantage

  • Support for global programs.
  • Deploying, managing, and updating is easy for your IT staff.
  • See a complete, accurate picture of your employees’ RSI risk.
  • Adopt an easy-to-administer solution for organizations of all sizes.
  • Collecting and managing information across your organization is simple for your program administrators.


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