2017 EHS & Sustainability Salary Report

Curious to Know How Your Salary Stacks Up Against Other EHS Professionals?

NAEM’s EHS & Sustainability Salary Report provides a look at the EHS&S salaries of individual professionals from more than 198 companies. This information may be used by EHS&S professionals to develop staffing plans, negotiate their own salaries and understand the impact of changing roles on salaries.

Download today to learn more about how your salary compares to your peers and the key takeaways:

  • Experience drives salaries
  • Professionals in diversified manufacturing tend to earn more than their peers
  • Sustainability responsibilities tend to boost earnings
  • EHS&S salaries increase by about 25 percent with each career advancement
  • Education may be important to career success, but not to salary potential
  • Certifications bolster salary among mid-career professionals