Case Management

Use Case Management to Prevent and Treat Discomfort

Enviance’s case management capability increases productivity and helps prevent workplace injuries by alleviating ergonomic discomfort with individualized support. Ergonomics professionals can work more efficiently by streamlining their scheduling, tracking evaluations, and documenting treatment while accessing to risk data to develop treatments tailored to employees’ unique needs. With effective case management, organizations can ensure their employees have access to a safe and healthy work environment.


Maximize Productivity

Help ergonomic professionals work more efficiently by providing tools to identify high-risk employees, effortlessly schedule evaluations, and monitor treatment progress.

Ergo Injury

Reduce Employee Discomfort

Leverage risk data from self-assessments and discomfort reports to create customized ergonomic solutions for more effective treatment.

Reporting 01

Track Employees’ Progress and Measure Organizational Investment

Document how employees respond to their custom ergonomics treatment over time to ensure they are on the correct path to recovery and measure your ergonomic program investment.

Provide Prompt, Customized Care

Use risk analytics and assessment data to design customized treatment.

Develop the most effective corrective actions for individual cases by using data from assessments and computer use and discomfort reports. This ensures all employees receive care based on their unique needs.

Streamline management of open cases with easy scheduling.

Drive staff productivity with the integrated Outlook scheduling platform. Ergonomics professionals to can quickly and easily schedule evaluations with identified high-risk employees at any location.

Efficiently track evaluations and employees’ progress across the organization.

Track telephonic, in-person, and contractor employee evaluations in one easily accessible location. After conducting evaluations, monitor progress of corrective and preventive actions and document improvements.

The Unique Enviance Advantage

  • Enviance uses a risk-based approach to allow organizations to leverage data-driven analytics when making important business decisions.
  • For more than 20 years, organizations all over the world have trusted Enviance to deliver its cloud-based environmental, health, and safety software platform online in real-time—anywhere, anytime, and enterprise-wide.
  • A dedicated customer success team offers strategic, individualized support to ensure your organization meets its health and safety goals.
  • No matter where your teams are located, Enviance’s comprehensive cloud-based software allows you to manage your office ergonomics program from anywhere in the world.
  • Use Enviance’s intuitive reporting feature to share the positive impact of your health and safety initiatives on the organization’s bottom line with leadership.


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