Enterprise Reporting and Analytics

Communicate Risks and Drive Improvement

Enviance Office Ergonomics Software provides a wide range of built-in analytics and reporting to support your occupational health and safety program. Data from assessments, training, discomfort reporting, computer use, ergonomics evaluations, and case management are combined with Enviance proprietary risk algorithms to provide powerful reports and analysis. Use these reports to inform executive management of the effectiveness of your office ergonomics program in reducing risk and cost while driving up employee satisfaction and productivity. 


Communicate using information understood by executives

Use active risk measurements for subjective reporting. The reports make it easy to communicate progress, opportunities for improvement, and risk reduction enterprise-wide.

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Take advantage of a global community

Data collected from hundreds of thousands of assessment and computer users informs risk algorithms for highly tuned feedback from people across a wide range of industries and global locations.


Gain support for your office ergonomics safety program

Proving progress with powerful reporting is the key to communicating to the wide range of stakeholders that care about office workers. Use reports to drive needed improvements across the organization.

Quickly Provide Access to Reports and Analysis

Identify the departments with the lowest levels of break compliance.

Provide reports to managers to determine if cultural, physical, or procedural factors deter break compliance and address the issues.

Compare the hours of mouse and keyboard strain with reported discomfort levels.

Identify your organizational correlation between discomfort and these statistics. Determine what your organization considers unacceptable risk to set usage standards.

Prioritize workstation evaluations for people with the longest or highest strain exposures.

Once you identify these employees, notify them by email about when a workstation evaluation will take place.

The Unique Enviance Advantage

  • Enviance uses a risk-based approach to allow organizations to leverage data-driven analytics when making important business decisions.
  • For more than 20 years, organizations all over the world have trusted Enviance to deliver its cloud-based environmental, health, and safety software platform online in real-time—anywhere, anytime, and enterprise-wide.
  • A dedicated customer success team offers strategic, individualized support to ensure your organization meets its health and safety goals.
  • No matter where your teams are located, Enviance’s comprehensive cloud-based software allows you to manage your office ergonomics program from anywhere in the world.
  • Use Enviance’s intuitive reporting feature to share the positive impact of your health and safety initiatives on the organization’s bottom line with leadership.


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