Training and Assessment

Prevent Injuries With Training and Assessment

With Enviance’s self-guided training and assessments, employees can take control of their own health and prevent repetitive strain injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, and other workplace injuries from happening. Comprehensive office ergonomics training gives employees the knowledge they need to prevent discomfort and injury while assessment tools allow employees to quickly identify potential ergonomic risks in their work area. Working together, office ergonomics training and assessments keep your employees healthy and productive.




Create a Thriving Work Environment

Give employees the tools they need to create a productive work environment free of ergonomic risks, which leads to improved morale, fewer work absences, and more positive employee engagement.


Smartly and Efficiently Allocate Resources

Proactively identify employees and job classifications that pose the most risk to your organization, allowing you to better focus your response efforts.

Cost Reduction-1

Reduce Operating Costs

Lower expensive workers’ compensations claims by preventing office ergonomic injuries from affecting your employees in the first place.

Reduce Risk_1

Measure and Share Risk Reduction Metrics

Document how your ergonomics program reduces risk over time to share with key stakeholders.

Empower Employees and Focus Resources

Empower Employees and Focus Resources

Prioritize resources through self-guided training and assessments.

Better manage your resources by giving employees the knowledge and tools they need to assess their work area to prevent discomfort or injury. By empowering employees to self-correct, your health and safety team can focus on giving better care to more severe cases.

Gain visibility with any-time discomfort reporting and risk rankings.

Allow your employees to immediately report moderate to severe discomfort for quick resolution, and use data from assessments to create risk rankings and identify your most high-risk employees.

Engage targeted employees with training and assessment invitations.

Send each high-risk employee an invitation to ensure they take a proactive role in their health from the start.

The Unique Enviance Advantage

  • Enviance uses a risk-based approach to allow organizations to leverage data-driven analytics when making important business decisions.
  • For more than 20 years, organizations all over the world have trusted Enviance to deliver its cloud-based environmental, health, and safety software platform online in real-time—anywhere, anytime, and enterprise-wide.


  • A dedicated customer success team offers strategic, individualized support to ensure your organization meets its health and safety goals.
  • No matter where your teams are located, Enviance’s comprehensive cloud-based software allows you to manage your office ergonomics program from anywhere in the world.
  • Use Enviance’s intuitive reporting feature to share the positive impact of your health and safety initiatives on the organization’s bottom line with leadership.


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