Enviance Expands Partner Ecosystem With First Company Dedicated to Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve EHS Compliance

June 26, 2019


Enviance, a leader in cloud environmental, health, and safety software, and ehsAI, a company that uses machine learning to transform complex environmental documents into succinct digital requirements, today announce a partnership to lower the cost of EHS compliance using artificial intelligence. 

Through this partnership, Enviance continues to expand its partner ecosystem to provide customers the tools and support needed to best enable their EHS programs and integrate EHS into operations. Until recently, collecting requirements from permits and other paper-based policy and regulatory documents has been labor intensive. Before they could assign responsibility for compliance obligations, environmental engineers had to manually extract requirements before system configuration.

Working together, Enviance and ehsAI allow the user to leverage AI to quickly capture complex regulatory permit information. This includes regulations and equipment-level recordkeeping, monitoring, reporting, and testing requirements as well as enabling the tracking and management of those requirements in the Enviance Management System, a cloud-based software program that simplifies compliance with a user-friendly interface and ties activities and operating conditions back to their regulatory drivers to provide real-time visibility into potential problems and company-wide trends.

Centralizing permit requirements tracking and action completion evidence in Enviance Management System already decreases time-consuming, error-prone manual work, particularly for reporting. Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning further cuts the time, money, and resources to document and automate compliance obligation tracking.

“Enviance has been helping companies utilize cloud-based technology to reduce risk, save time, and provide visibility into environmental compliance programs for 20 years,” said Amy Stelling, CEO of Enviance. “We know it can be challenging for our customers to find the time, resources, and budget to manually parse and analyze permits, and we’re excited to partner with ehsAI to offer innovative solutions that make it easier than ever to streamline processes and reduce the cost of managing a robust compliance management system.”

“We are transforming an industry that badly needs to digitize valuable data locked up in PDF and Word files," said Margery Moore, CEO of ehsAI. “It’s now possible to save up to 80 percent of costs associated with translating permits and regulations into requirements. Our mission is to make it simpler and less expensive to protect workers and the environment, and we believe new technologies like ehsAI are the keys to accomplishing it.” 

Red Cedar Gathering, a midstream energy company that gathers, treats, and compresses natural gas from more than 1,200 wells across 895 miles of gathering pipeline, has been using  Enviance and ehsAI together to manage EHS regulations and permits. With so many resources to track, using artificial intelligence has helped streamline Red Cedar Gathering’s compliance assurance program through automation.

“It is critical for us to meet air quality requirements from state, federal, and tribal regulations for all 26 of our facilities," said Ethan Hinkley, air quality compliance manager at Red Cedar Gathering. “Enviance and ehsAI provide solutions that help us achieve our goal of being a regional leader while protecting human health and the environment.”  

To learn more about how Red Cedar Gathering uses the Enviance Management System and the ehsAI patent-pending AI engine, join “Lowering the Cost of EHS Compliance with Artificial Intelligence and Software” Wednesday, July 24, at 12 p.m. Eastern time. In the webinar, Red Cedar Gathering will share how it uses the Enviance Management System and the ehsAI patent-pending AI engine together to automate the interpretation and extraction of EHS requirements and action items speeding the capture of permit information, lowering cost, and improving the accuracy of its compliance assurance program. Register for this free webinar today at

About Enviance

Based in Carlsbad, California, Enviance is a leader in environmental, health, and safety (EHS) software leveraging a SaaS approach to deliver its EHS platform anywhere, anytime, and enterprise-wide. Enviance software solutions are used in over 500 organizations across 30 industries with over a million users. Enviance’s EHS platform simplifies integrating EHS into operations to better measure, manage, and report mission-critical EHS results. 

About ehsAI

ehsAI helps organizations utilize AI and machine learning to transform the way they manage regulatory compliance and in so doing, become more resilient by being ready for change while saving money and increasing productivity. By leveraging machine learning, ehsAI minimizes the cost associated with the translation of complex environmental, health, and safety documents, like permits and regulations, into succinct compliance requirements.

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