Enviance Introduces Advanced Analytics Capabilities

August 1, 2019


Enviance, a leader in cloud environmental, health, and safety software, announces the release of advancements in cloud analytics with the Data Preparation Tool added to the EHS Platform, which allows users to quickly access data to answer constantly changing questions about risk and performance. 

Managers often ask data scientists and analysts to answer all kinds of questions about their EHS performance that requires customized data analysis. With the Data Preparation Tool, data scientists and analysts can now more quickly create queries that make it easy to explore and visualize data in real time, track metrics and key performance indicators in dashboards and reports, and extract and transform data to a data warehouse or third-party tool. 

The improvements include an enhanced drag-and-drop interface to create queries and group information for enhanced analytics. Users can easily explore data sets that can be sorted, filtered, grouped, and displayed in charts as well as save queries and create data views for quick and easy access across the enterprise.  

“The ability to flexibly scale with our customers as their EHS needs grow and change underpins our technology philosophy,” said Amanda Smith, chief solution officer at Enviance. “EHS leaders today expect immediate access to a wide variety of analytics not only to ensure compliance but to also support cost-effective and data-driven business decision-making processes. Introducing the new Data Preparation Tool is another step toward driving better, more advanced analytics, which allow our customers to get the information they need from their data to make informed, actionable decisions.”

Enviance introduces this new tool at a time when companies are demanding the need for better visibility into EHS data to ensure they’re providing a safe working environment, reducing risk, and following all compliance requirements. By using this new Data Preparation Tool, data scientists and analysts can explore their data in easy-to-understand, business-friendly terms and quickly evaluate EHS performance. 

“Awareness regarding the value of EHS data has grown significantly in recent years,” said Amy Stelling, CEO of Enviance. “Everyone wants to use data to make the best decisions, and our products facilitate that goal. We have a robust set of capabilities to meet market demands, whether customers are looking to use our flexible and user-friendly dashboards, or if they’d like to query, extract, and transform EHS data into a data lake or warehouse. We are dedicated making it easy to access the critical data you need.”

This new tool for flexible data access is immediately available for all customers and partners. New customers can schedule a full product demo by visiting

About Enviance

Based in Carlsbad, California, Enviance is a leader in Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) software leveraging a SaaS approach to deliver its EHS platform anywhere, anytime, and enterprise-wide. Enviance software is in use with over 500 organization across 30 industries with over 200,000 active profiles. We also have over a million customers using our behavior-based office ergonomics software (RSI Guard) to improve employee health and wellness both standalone and connected to our EHS platform. Our EHS platform simplifies integrating EHS into operations to better measure, manage, and report mission-critical EHS results. 


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