Enviance Announces Expanded Functionality of the Powerful Workflow App Builder through upgrade to Progressive Web App Technology

March 27, 2018


CARLSBAD, CA – March 27, 2018 Enviance, a leader in Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) software solutions, has updated its Workflow App Builder (WAB) family of applications to use the newest available Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology.  This update enables extensive offline functionality freeing users to do more on mobile devices outside the constraints of their office WiFi.

Progressive Web Applications combine the best features of native and web applications; this technology now enables comprehensive WAB business process applications to function when there is an unstable or nonexistent internet connection. An entire process from beginning to end can be managed on a mobile device even without a connection, allowing the capture and update of unscheduled activities or incidents as they occur, in the field, in real time. Data is encrypted, stored on the device and uploaded to the system when an internet connection is available.

These new functionalities allow enterprises to collect critical data points at the source, ensuring the tracking and updating of business processes are timely and accurate. This update is already available on Enviance’s IncidentApp and Management of Change App, as well as customer apps built on the WAB framework.

“IT organizations are facing a growing challenge to implement mobile app delivery initiatives that support changes and scale over time – especially with the growing trend of BYOD,” added Aaron Rapp, Product Manager at Enviance. “Business and technology are rapidly evolving, and updates to business process/forms or technology fixes seem to happen weekly. Using the PWA technology allows us to roll out technology and business process updates automatically, so our customers and IT departments aren’t burdened with keeping apps up-to-date.”

About Enviance

Based in Carlsbad, California, Enviance is a leader in Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) software solutions, using a powerful SaaS approach to deliver its platform online in real-time—anywhere, anytime, and enterprise-wide. Deployed by some of the world’s leading corporations and governments, the Enviance platform enables organizations to better measure, manage, and report mission-critical EHS data. As a global community, Enviance users number more than 750,000 worldwide at 500+ global organizations, including half of the Top 10 in the Fortune 100.

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