EHS Solutions for Retail Compliance

Reduce risk and optimize operations-1

Reduce risk and optimize operations

Managing EHS compliance is no easy task for retailers. With all the regulations across large geographic footprints, retailers face a large challenge to not only track and meet compliance requirements but also to drive improved performance. That’s where the Enviance Management System can help. Enviance gives your retail operations smart enterprise management to reduce risks and create value through powerful, actionable, centralized EHS data and reporting available at your fingertips.  


Variability in Compliance Obligations

Distributed enterprises, like retailers, deal with environmental and safety regulations and standards across many jurisdictions. Non-compliance with any of these EHS requirements can result in significant costs.

Limited Resources

EHS managers for retail companies are often responsible for remotely managing EHS programs for many sites, making it difficult to know exactly what is going on at each individual brick-and-mortar location. High employee turnover at the site level is a common problem for retailers, so there’s little time to teach new programs and properly train new employees.

Incomplete Data

Retailers need to collect and analyze information to understand where to apply their limited resources to achieve the biggest impact and identify areas for continued operations improvement. Systems are often siloed and manual effort must be undertaken to create a holistic view. 



Key Benefits


Improve transparency and data quality

Robust reports and easy to edit dashboards give key stakeholders the ability to monitor activities and critical metrics from any location.


Integrate many sources for a centralized view

Connect your data sources using Enviance's APIs, creating an accurate master view of your compliance and operational data.


Manage risks and protect your brand

Integrated data sources and easy mobile forms enable you to see your compliance status in real time, giving you the data you need to quickly correct potential issues.


Identify areas of improvement

Save time and money by using your data to spot trends and cost-savings opportunities as they arise.

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Enviance Solutionsfor Retail EHS Compliance 

  • Action_smAction tracking, asset and license management: Gain instant insights into the status of your compliance activities and receive notifications when anything is missed by assigning and tracking tasks, corrective actions, requirements, and deadlines across programs in a single system. Know what assets, permits, and licenses you have at each of your facilities.  Easily track service records, monitor renewal dates, and store related regulatory documents.
  • Action_smAssessments and inspections: Streamline your audits, assessments, inspections, and follow-up actions using intuitive mobile forms, standardized processes, and real-time dashboards.
  • Action_smWaste & recycling: Save time, improve reporting, and identify opportunities for improvement by facilitating automated collection and aggregation of waste stream data across service providers, geographies, and reporting jurisdictions. Easily track your waste shipments, accurately calculate your generator status, meet RCRA compliance requirements, and access critical data needed to optimize operations and save money.
  • Action_smStorm water: Increase visibility into the current status of all storm water-related activities across different facilities and geographies using an intuitive, mobile-friendly user interface and real-time compliance dashboards.
  • Action_smSustainability: Improve the quality and efficiency of your sustainability data collection and reporting by repurposing compliance data for more robust metrics. Monitor sustainability initiatives in real time, streamline difficult and error-prone manual tracking methods, tackle complicated calculations, and simplify the reporting process with user-friendly data collection methods, standard calculation methodologies, and reports. 
  • Action_smService provider data management: Reduce costs, minimize risk, and gain deeper visibility into the compliance activities you rely on third parties to manage for you with tools that help you measure execution, determine appropriate service frequency, and enable performance-based service contracts.

How RetailerUse Enviance Compliance Data to Optimize Operations 

With easily accessible compliance data, retailers can not only support more accurate and efficient sustainability reporting but they can also use that same data to identify areas for improvement within the organization’s operationsRetail customers today use Enviance to manage their storm water data, inspections, permit requirements, and asset views. 

In the case of Walmart, an Enviance retail customer and Verdantix EHS Innovation Award winner, this major retailer used the Enviance Management System to track its hazardous waste volumeBy analyzing that data, Walmart implemented a customized waste pick-up schedule for each store based on individual waste volumes. This customized waste schedule allowed each store to operate more efficiently based on its own waste production, which ultimately led to significant savings across the organization.  

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