Facilitate better communication as you educate employees and strive to prevent hazards. Our software promotes employee awareness of their job’s hazards, as well as mitigation measures. You can implement controls to lessen risks of incidents, fires, releases, and other negative events. In case an unwanted event happens, you can detect and analyze its potential causes.


Enable Self-Regulation

Empower employees with smart break reminders. Cut down on incidents with our software’s sophisticated analysis of when employees need a healthy pause.


Unify JHA Methods

Identify hazards associated with a job, define controls, and share this information with employees before they start a new job. Structure and streamline all these steps in our platform.


See Sophisticated Risk Statuses

Your current risk status takes the original risk assessment, the impact of implemented controls, and the potential impact of not-yet-enacted controls into account. You can also use current conditions to generate a risk score.


Evaluate Controls’ Impact

When you establish controls to mitigate risk, you can see the impact of them on your dashboard.

Integrate your hazards communication into your processes.

Encourage a healthier workplace with our Office Ergonomic Solution (OES) desktop and RSIGuard.

With our break timer and ergonomic reminders, your workforce can relax at helpful intervals throughout their day—and protect themselves from accidents and injuries, including RSIs. The timer calculates breaks via an intelligent algorithm that utilizes computer usage time.

Communicate thoroughly with our JHA reports.

With our integrated JHA reports, you help employees understand each job’s hazards, the controls in place, and a full picture of their task’s demands.

Score risk according to your company.

Customize our risk-scoring algorithm to better serve your team’s needs.

The Unique Enviance Advantage

  • Offer employees a complete picture of hazards, and help them avoid potential perils. Our software generates a comprehensive document for each job, which explains the tasks, hazards, and controls. This orients the employee so they can stay safer.


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