Follow through on any near misses or accidents. Use what you learn to find trends and prevent future incidents. Our software provides a central location for tracking injury, illness, vehicle incidents, property damage, and more. You can ensure all necessary reporting is complete, as well as collaborate to conduct and document your root cause analysis. Along the way, you can store relevant documentation, evidence, and images, to compile a comprehensive record.


Create Forms & Reports

Customize our default forms and reports, or create your own with our form builder and reporting tools.


Get Convenient Dashboards

Drill down into data at various levels of your organization—no setup required.


Stay on Track

Keep tabs on restricted and lost time. Calculate industry-standard rates automatically.


Use Dynamic Forms

Enhance your user experience’s—and data set’s—quality. Create forms that only display relevant data based on user responses.

Gain helpful insights into your incident and near-miss management’s efficacy.

Improve your process with fitting tools.

Our workflow process engine makes your job simpler as it adapts to your unique needs. Paired with our drilldown dashboards, which provide data insights, and our software’s media attachments to incidents—including documents and images—you have a solid setup for success.

Set notifications to keep everyone in the loop and escalate severe incidents.

With our notifications feature, you can rest assured that the necessary individuals know when an incident occurs. Attach follow-up instructions, and also escalate notifications depending on severity.

Documentation in the field is easy with our mobile solution.

Bring your mobile device along, and easily log information when you’re in or out of the office.

The Unique Enviance Advantage

  • Join many incident types in one record.
  • Enjoy our easy-to-use software interface.
  • Use the standard OSHA reports included in our software.
  • For each incident scenario, trigger a different process. For instance, for a recordable vs. non-recordable quantity released.


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