Keep employees aware of their jobs’ hazards and processes, and mitigate risk as a result. Face fewer surprise releases of dangerous liquids and gases. Reduce the number of unforeseen disasters when you carefully watch threshold indications. Encounter fewer breaches of safety, and when the unexpected happens, you’re ready—the necessary personnel will get notifications and address the exposure. Our software allows more efficiency and fewer breaches of the OSHA-issued Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals standard.


Benefit from JHAs

Structure your organization’s method for identifying job processes and hazards, then define controls. Share your findings with employees to educate them and keep them safer.


Calculate with Ease

Relax knowing that our system collects data, then performs real-time calculations to check that thresholds aren’t exceeded.


Stay Notified

Make sure key personnel know when business-rule-based thresholds are exceeded. They’ll get immediate notifications to deal with the issue at hand.


Manage Change

Manage change requests, perform evaluations, identify potential hazards from a new change, as well as analyze and control them. Unify all your management and documentation in a collaborative environment.

Establish a better process safety management system.

Ensure your employees stay safer.

When you use our JHA reporting tools, you can protect your employees from risky situations and resulting injuries. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of each job—complete with processes and controls information. You can print them to hand each employee, or simply link to them for review.

Keep in step with your operations.

Your data will be collected—and calculated—in real time. You can also view up-to-the-minute data whenever you need to.

Stay safer with prompt email notifications.

Tailor our system’s notifications to reach the appropriate people when certain events occur. The necessary team members will get an email notification instantly.

The Unique Enviance Advantage

  • Quickly and easily generate JHAs to teach employees about correct safety processes, and prevent employee mishaps.
  • Process real-time data to pinpoint out-of-bounds conditions asap, and notify the appropriate team members to tackle the situation.


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