Measure the impact of your organization’s sustainability initiatives. With diverse operations and many locations, combining metrics and comparing performance can be a daunting task. We understand the difficulty of management and data collection across your whole organization. The necessary information is disparate, and data may not be easy to acquire. We offer a better way that eliminates tedious manual processes, the challenge of capturing the data you need, and the problem of infrequent data collection. We help you report on your economic, environmental, and social impact with ease.


Always Access Data

Track your initiatives’ and projects’ efficacy throughout the year.


Simplify Data Collection

Use our data collection forms with built-in validation, and automatically collect data when you integrate with your other systems. Spend less time tracking down missing data.


Combine & Compare

Get the flexibility to compare and combine data when you normalize and weight data. Understand and compare the impact of your facilities—and your whole organization.


See Data Clearly

View percent changes between years, and recognize trends—and potential errors—in your data.

Add automation to your processes, and make metrics management easier.

Choose calculations—and automation—to meet your needs.

When you define and create calculations to normalize and weight data, you can configure them to your own operations. Our software enables you to automate aggregations across facilities and times—and even automate your reports.

Get real-time data, calculations, and warnings.

As soon as data is entered, you see your calculations’ real-time results. Take action as soon as out-of-expected-range data comes in. You’ll clearly see what’s problematic since our built-in data validation highlights the unexpected value.

Take advantage of aggregation and automation.

Gain visibility into aggregations for your whole organization when you view and roll up metrics spanning all organizational levels. Save time with automated aggregations across facilities and times, as well as automated reports.

The Unique Enviance Advantage

  • Simply run reports once data is in the system and validated.
  • Centralize your metrics, and implement normalization and weightings.
  • Monitor sustainability initiatives via dashboards as up-to-the-minute data flows in.
  • Get higher quality data with our easy-to-use data collection, which features relevant units of measure and built-in unit conversions.
  • Save your team months of work when you leverage your current compliance data collection, then repurpose it for your sustainability initiatives.
  • Keep everyone in the loop with reminders and notifications. Whether your team has upcoming due dates or missing data, you can set automated alerts that drive accountability.


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